Hunger Strike Continues

HAVANA TIMES, April 29 — Hunger striker Guillermo Fariñas, who wants the Cuban government to release what he considers sick political prisoners, said he would not abandon his protest that nears 70 days.  Fariñas, who is not a prisoner himself, had been asked by 88 dissidents to end the strike but rejected their request.  “It’s not the moment to take the pressure off the government,” he told foreign press in Havana, reported IPS.

One thought on “Hunger Strike Continues

  • I don’t know what the situation with these people is, but I do understand very well that the imperialists & their supporters think they R very smart, using such tools of liberals & the Left against them. Real ‘jiu-jitsu’ stuff. However, this “color revolution” recipe business only works if the Left’s leadership is asleep @ the wheel (so 2 speak): which is why it worked so well in so many post-stalinist, etc. countries, with their rather un-democratic governments & seething, self-serving, pro-capitalist intelligentsia. Not 2 say that the pro-imperialist stooges who replaced them were the least bit better — as we’ve all found out subsequently (tho’ that should B no surprise 2 anyone).

    I think the very 1st thing we should keep in mind is that, whatever the failings of the cuban government, a state of ‘de facto’ war exists between Cuba & all of World imperialism — & primarily with the U.S. oligarchy & its stooges; & so all acts of the state should B judged in this light.

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