Justin Bieber Says He’s in Cuba

Justin Bierber smoking a Cuban cigar.
Justin Bierber smoking a Cuban cigar.

HAVANA TIMES — Justin Bieber says he is somewhere in Cuba today, possibly getting away from the legal mess created by some eggs splashed on the house of his neighbor in Calabasas, California.

The highly popular 19-year-old Canadian pop star said on the Instagram social network today “I’m in Cuba and I love Cubans.”  He did not say where exactly he is in Cuba nor how long he would be staying on the island.  He posted a photo of himself smoking a Cuban cigar.

While the leading official Cuban website, Cubadebate.cu, said there was no confirmation of Bieber being in Cuba, the truth is that nobody enters the island without being registered by Cuban immigration authorities.

Justin’s home was searched by authorities on January 14 in connection with the egging incident.  Since the raid Justin has been snowboarding in Aspen, partying at a Miami strip club and now says he is visiting Cuba.

Editors Note: On Thursday several news sources are reporting that Bieber was arrested while driving under the influence of alcohol on Wednesday night in Miami. Neither these sources, the Cuban media or Bieber have confirmed or denied the singer’s statement that he had been in Cuba.


17 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Says He’s in Cuba

  • Oh, for God’s sake! Who CARES about this idiot!! I certainly didn’t subscribe to HT to read this kind of stuff. Please, enough nonsense!

  • Jail in Florida is a good place for this jerk…they can keep him there

  • Bieber won’t get away with the crap he pulls off in the states…here’s a suggestion, why not make an exchange by releasing Alan Gross for Bieber, that would work and probably be supported by many!

  • Lift the travel ban for Americans to visit Cuba. Another archaic law. Isn’t the US the land of the free ?

  • Approaching noon EST on Thursday, no official Cuban website has confirmed or denied that Bieber was in Cuba on Wednesday as he claimed. Hopefully Cuban immigration will make a statement on this.

  • This just in…Justin was arrested last night in Miami for reckless driving, driving under the influence and resisting arrest. Maybe he was in Cuba, but he is in jail in Florida now.

  • This was the one place I thought I would not read about this jerk off.. 🙂

  • obviosmente he thought he was en Cuba,.. y ahora que? We Cubanos got no time for this.

  • US credit cards don’t work in Cuba, but banks will exchange US dollars for CUCs and you can always use US dollars in the black market (not legal, but very common).

  • yes they do, i m cuban

  • It is not against US law to spend money in Cuba. Although, US citizens need special permission from the US government to enter. There are certain items from Cuba that are not allowed to enter the US. When I was there for a month, I was allowed to buy things.

  • Not so. Many people bring US currency to Cuba. One is suppose to exchange it at a bank for Cuban Convertible Pesos, CUCs, but you can also exchange it on the black market at a better rate than the govt will pay.

  • Cuba does not accept US Dollars and they do not take credit cards from US Banks.

  • …He never was a bright bulb. Thank good the USA can take credit for this fool

  • Even though the is Canadian he may be in violation of US laws. According to Wiki: “Cuban Assets Control Regulations
    are enforced by the U.S. Treasury Department and affect all U.S.
    citizens and permanent residents wherever they are located, all people
    and organizations physically located in the United States, …”

  • He’s Canadian so he can go to Cuba without a travel license. I believe he’s there. On one of my trips to Cuba, I am sure that I saw Jennifer Lopez going into a restaurant as I was going out. Weeks later, upon returning to the ‘States, I saw a YouTube video of her in Cuba made during the time that I thought I saw her. Even though there was no “official” media that reported her visit, I am sure it was her. She was married to a Cuban so she might have a family visa like me. I think celebs go all the time and just don’t make a big deal of it.

  • Even though he is a Canadian citizen, I believe he could be in violation of US laws, if he is spending US currency.

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