Maduro Heading Back to Cuba and Chavez

Venezuelan VP Nicolas Maduro. Photo: telesur

HAVANA TIMES — Venezuela’s VP and acting president, Nicolas Maduro, heads back to Cuba later Friday to visit with hospitalized leader Hugo Chavez, fresh from a major pro-government rally on Thursday in Caracas, reported TeleSur TV.

Also hoping to see Chavez, or at least be briefed about his health, are Argentine President Cristina Fernandez and Peru’s Ollanta Humala, both having already arrived in Havana earlier on Friday.

Fernandez and Umala are both expected to meet with Cuban President Raul Castro and possibly his brother, Fidel.

In a public meeting in Caracas on Friday morning, Maduro said “I will be traveling in the coming hours to Havana to visit the president.” He added, “I will continue visiting with the family accompanying Chavez and meet with the medical team as well as giving the president the good news that the people continue working.”

Chavez is recovering from his fourth cancer surgery in the last year and half, which took place on December 11.  He has not been seen or heard from since; the Venezuelan government last said he is “stable”.

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