The Latest Cuban Multi-Millionaire: Miguel A. Gonzalez

Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez

HAVANA TIMES — The latest in a growing list of Cuban multi-millionaires is Miguel Alfredo González, a 26-year-old right handed pitcher. Gonzalez has reportedly reached agreement on a six-year $60 million dollar contract with the Philadelphia Phillies.

Gonzalez pitched for seven seasons in the Cuban baseball league and also performed for Team Cuba in 2011, compiling an impressive 3-0 record.

His lifetime ERA is 3.78 and he averages 6 strikeouts and just over 2 walks per nine innings.

The news of the signing came from ESPN Sports. Gonzalez was declared a free agent last month by MLB commissioner Bud Selig.

The righty has pitched little since 2011 when he was punished by Cuban baseball authorities for having attempted to flee the island, which he finally succeded at doing early this year.

Gonzalez is in Mexico awaiting a visa to travel to the USA and take the pre-contract physical exams. While he is expected to start a few games in the minor leagues he could easily be called up by the end of August deadline for the final month of the current MLB season.

Several clubs had been interested in his services including the New York Yankees, Atlanta Braves, Toronto Blue Jays, L.A. Dodgers, Texas Rangers, Minnesota Twins, Chicago Cubs and the Boston Red Sox.

To date the biggest contract signed between a Cuban ballplayer and Major League team is the $42 million received by outfielder Yasiel Puig from the Dodgers. Some other big signings in recent years were Yoenis Cespedes ($36 million) with the Oakland As and Aroldis Chapman ($30 million with the Cincinnati Reds).

Gonzalez has a good fastball reaching the mid-90s and also a forkball, curveball and changeup in his repertory.



2 thoughts on “The Latest Cuban Multi-Millionaire: Miguel A. Gonzalez

  • A novel suggestion that the Cuban govt would offer to provide farm teams to the MLB!

    Of course, the MLB would be prohibited by US law from paying anything to the Castros for the Cuban ball players they sign.

    Much would have to change before such a scenario were adopted.

  • Let’s hope the Phillies get their money’s worth! Back in the 1960’s my father used to ask me: “What has 18 legs and plays in the basement? Not a bug, rather–The Phillies! Thanks to the gods, the times have changed.
    In the future Cuba, should try to get some $$$ out of this by offering to be the farm teams for the majors. After all, through I.N.D.E.R., Cuba has invested, and facilitated, the development of baseball talent; hence, Cuba should be reimbursed.

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