Nicaragua: Ortega Police Kidnap Elsa Valle & Her Sister for Trying to See Their Father

The Valle sisters were kidnapped on Tuesday morning by the Sandinista police / Photo Canal 12

HAVANA TIMES – In a new show of the government proclaimed “normality” of peace, love and reconciliation in Nicaragua, Elsa Valle, 19 and her 17-year-old sister Rebecca, were kidnapped this morning by the Ortega police when they were on the outside of a Managua Court complex.

The violent abduction in front of numerous onlookers took place when the two young women were waiting to get a glimpse of their father, the political prisoner Carlos Valle, who was supposedly to be taken before an Ortega judge after 60 days in the feared El Chipote interrogation prison. However, the father never arrived, reported 100% Noticias.

David Valle, brother of Elsa, confirmed to 100% News, noting that the supposed hearing was a trap by the Sandinista authorities to re-arrest his sister, who was already detained as political prisoner for 75 days. 

“It seems that everything was a trap, the three of us went, my sister Elsa, my sister Rebecca and I. Elsa took out the banner with our father’s picture and the police began to threaten us, demanding we put it away. I had to leave to go to my job. And now I’m being informed that Elsa was beaten and kidnapped by the Police, the same with my sister Rebecca who is 17 years old. They were mounted into a pickup, we don’t know where they were taken,” said David Valle.


Breaking News: After a good beating and a few hours at the El Chipote interrogation center the girls were threatened to stop protesting for their father’s release and taken to their home. The following is the interview they gave to El Nuevo Diario newspaper shortly after being released: 


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