Nicaragua’s VP Rosario Murillo Lashes Out at Opponents

Calls them “Hateful Criminals” and “Devils”

Rosario Murillo. Foto:

In a new rosary of insults against opponents, VP Murillo blames them for the murders, unemployment and calls them traitors

By Yader Luna (Confidencial)

HAVANA TIMES – The vice president of the Ortega regime, Rosario Murillo, once again aimed her hate speech against opponents of the dictatorship she presides with her husband, and among biblical messages she describes them as “malevolent,” “ridiculous devils,” “cruel” and “greedy.”

In her daily speech on February 24, transmitted by the official media, she raged against businessmen, members of the Civic Alliance, priests and against any and all opponents and warned that “we will not forget,” blaming them for unemployment and the murders that have occurred since the beginning of the civic rebellion.

Murillo said that the businessmen, with whom the regime maintained a consensus alliance before the social outbreak that began on April 18, 2018, “ambushed our trust” and participated in a “satanical carnival.”

“The outlaws crouched on the intersections of roads, unable to find a good course of action, at the crossroads, or in the face of life’s difficulties, waved with one hand, and buried knives with the other,” she reproached.

She criticizes the use of the blue and white flag in the protests. “The hundred sharpened daggers, abused, groped, desecrated and raped the sacred colors and emblems of the homeland,” she expressed.

“Masquerades of hate and immoral appetites”

In an intimidating tone, the also coordinator of the dictatorship, said that she knew them perfectly well and accused them of using different faces to hide their true identities.

“We know perfectly well who they are, and their fair of vanities and masquerades of hate, we do not forget, nor will we ever forget,” she added.

Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo, in a photo from mid-January 2020. // Photo: Presidency

According to Murillo, the sociopolitical crisis that Nicaragua has experienced since 22 months ago left “so many malevolent disguises,” as well as “faces that could not hide their perfidy,” and “avid and depraved looks, immoral appetites, voracity, decomposed insolence, criminal machinations.”

She also called them “egotists” and “greedy,” and of belonging to the “history of infamy.”

She denies her own crimes

Murillo tried again to hold the opposition accountable for crimes committed by regime orders against protesters and accused them of committing hate crimes.

“We know their aberrations, of the pain, of the tragedy they imposed on our beautiful Nicaragua, because they played with peace, because they killed, raped, used violence, kidnapped, tortured, barricaded, because they abused our trust, because they touched God, who is love, with dirty hands,” she expressed.

In her monologue she maintained that they will not forget “their unforgivable crimes” or “erase the images of soul depravation.”

“With perfidy, with hatred, with unmeasurable ambition, with ruthless behavior. Brother against brother they threw us. What evilness! With the same atrocious indifference that they threw more than 160,000 families (who lost their employment) into the streets, to hunger, to destitution,” she insisted.

Murillo compared the sociopolitical crisis in Nicaragua with the “deluge,” which, she said was “created, prepared and directed by the fires of hell.”

“Satanical carnival of ridiculous devils”

According to Murillo, the regime was the victim of treason promoted by groups with which they maintained alliances “that revolted.”

“And the sacred arc was shipwrecked. As the so-called Civic Alliance (for Justice and Democracy) that revealed its true identity, between counterfeit crucifixes and even more false prayers. The so-called Alliance exploded, burst, presenting the face of the despicable, of unworthiness,” she criticizes.

“The flood came. Pure egomania and perversion. The storm was declared. The fury sounded and all the devils came out of their hiding places, in rusty satanical carnival, obtuse, grotesque, real, but unreal, perverse, rehearsed, fabricated, with their load of falsehoods, in the dark, very dark corridors of extravagance and madness,” she added.

In her midday address she described the members of the Civic Alliance as “ridiculous devils, red demons, black, colorless, with spears, cauldrons, and flames, trained to assault and kill in the name of an unknown god.”

Against the priests too

In her hate sermon she also accused priests and bishops of the Catholic Church of blessing what she called “criminal terrorism” and of carrying out “a manipulation of the faith.”

She expressed that “never would the sound of bells ringing be erased, curiously, calling on them to kill us,” in reference to the sounds alerting of police and paramilitary attacks that were made from various religious temples during the protests.

She warned that they will not forget “the blessings that amazingly sanctified evilness.”

“They will not go away from our memories, the tragic images of pain, of tears, of the good people suffering, believer and flabbergasted, before the manipulation of faith, and among so many slanderous and false messages, from stations of foreign networks, where they instructed and reproduced these diabolical codes,” she said.

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