NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Heads to Cuba

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.  Foto Pat Arnow / wikipedia.org
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Foto Pat Arnow / wikipedia.org

HAVANA TIMES — New York Governor Andrew Cuomo travels to Cuba on Monday heading a business delegation that includes some 20 executives from the travel, financial services, health care, agriculture and education industries and institutions, reported the Wall Street Journal on Sunday.

“Cuba represents the freshest and most fluid foreign-relations circumstance Mr. Cuomo has broached. He decided on it in the days following President Barack Obama’s announcement of eased travel restrictions to the country, and it comes at a sensitive political moment for the two nations,” notes the WSJ.

Since the December 17, 2014 announcement by Obama and Raul Castro of the intention to restore diplomatic relations, broken off unilaterally by the US in 1961, several high level congressional and business delegations have made exploratory trips to the island.

Cuomo said his trip was not one of international relations but instead would center around “economic development programs and encouraging the export of New York products to Cuba.

“I’m not going to be getting involved in international policy or national policy,” Cuomo said during a news conference in January. “President Obama does that. I’m going to be there to develop markets.”

2 thoughts on “NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Heads to Cuba

  • Cuba is become more like China as time goes. Instead of political liberties we get political visitors of all kinds, it’s tragic.

  • Political history teaches us that revolution usually occurs not when society is at its lowest point economically and the people are in despair but rather when people have begun to be hopeful only to have those hopes dashed by the false promises and corrupted leadership. As these trade missions to Cuba begin to come and go, the Cuban people will realize just how impotent their government really is. At that point, opposition leaders will emerge with “the cojones” to take a stand against the regime. Only then will, change come to the Cuban people.

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