Oakland, California Police Department or Frat House? (Video)

Three Oakland Police Chiefs Resign in 9 Days Amid Sex Crime Scandal

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Oakland-PDHAVANA TIMES — In Oakland, California, a third police chief has resigned in just over a week amid a massive scandal in which multiple Oakland police officers are facing allegations of statutory rape and human trafficking after allegedly having sex with an underage girl who was working as a sex worker.

Interim Police Chief Paul Figueroa resigned Friday from his post for undisclosed reasons after just two days on the job. His predecessor, Ben Fairow, lasted just six days on the job. The string of resignations began when Police Chief Sean Whent resigned on June 9.

On Friday, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf announced she would not appoint another acting chief, instead putting the Oakland Police Department under civilian control. We speak to two reporters who helped break the Oakland Police Department sex crimes story. Darwin Bond Graham and Ali Winston are journalists with the East Bay Express.

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  • …now he’s just f#@&ing with you.

  • Now you have given hard evidence that you have never walked the streets of Havana. So in your worthless opinion, all the books on tourism in Cuba are wrong? Why don’t you try a walk from Obispo through the back streets of Old Havana to Cristo and count the number of times you are importuned for the desperation for ‘clients’ is such that even you would be approached? Like so many of the supposed successes of the Castro family regime “the great achievement” of eradicating prostitution is a myth. I guess your evident ignorance provides you with bliss!

  • OK, now you are just being silly. I get it. When you can’t bring anything of value to the discussion, you mock it with inanity. I would have hoped that you could have been much wittier. Your comments are simply stupid and no more.

  • Prostitution ended in Cuba long ago. One of the great achievements of the revolution.

  • Advice well-taken.

  • I believe this to be one of our regular a Castro boot licker crowd. These little posts of his are meant to yank your chain. The worst thing you can do to him is ignore his peril comments.

  • If nothing else it serves to expose to what lengths Castro sycophants with go to promote their failed socialist agenda. Read the childishly ignorant comment that CErmle makes as an example.

  • Stop CErmle before you really piss me off. “This” is a story that began with an Oakland cop and an underage prostitute. Not only would this happen in Cuba, who do you think controls street prostitution in Cuba? The PNR, that’s who! I personally know of one instance where the only way a handful of prostitutes were allowed to ply their trade standing in front of Radio Progreso en Havana (Calle Infanta y 25) was to pay the two PNR cops assigned to that sector a percentage of their earnings for the night. Everybody in the area knew this! I enjoy reading and disputing well-reasoned FACTUAL opinions which disagree with my own, but ignorant lies waste everybody’s time.

  • Dear Curt, we have a small world section where we publish some articles from other countries. In this case I thought the issue of Police abuse of vulnerable women crosses many borders and should be given some coverage.

  • A few or even one rotten apple in the barrel can have a malicious effect upon a business, an organization or a government. When the rotten apple(s) are in the key top positions especially in the public areas the effects can be terrible. That appears to be the case in Oakland. The English City Police forces used to be answerable to a City Council appointed “Watch Committee” of citizens and that had much to commend it. However in Oaklands case only that city is affected, in Cuba the rotten apples in the barrel affect a whole nation and in Nicaragua one commonly regarded as a sexual offender is President.

  • This wouldn’t happen in Cuba.

  • What does this story have to do with Cuba?

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