Ortega’s Paramilitary Kidnap a Choir Musician & Seven Others

Olesia Munoz, a teacher, a musician and a soprano singer before her initial arrest. Courtesy photo / Niu

Neighbors of Olesia Muñoz confirmed that a group of civilians arrived at her home, when she was practicing songs for the mass of this Holy Thursday in a church.

By 100% Noticias

HAVANA TIMES – The persecution of the Ortega dictatorship against those who dare to criticize it or even participate in Easter Week celebrations continues in Nicaragua. This Holy Thursday afternoon, a group of paramilitaries arrested Olesia Muñoz, who was imprisoned in 2018 for participating in the civic protests in her municipality and released in June 2019.

Neighbors of Olesia Muñoz confirmed to 100% NOTICIAS that this afternoon, a group of civilians arrived at the house, when she was rehearsing songs for the mass of this Holy Thursday.

Muñoz’s home is located on one side of the Church where she congregates, neighbors explained.

At the time of the arrest, there were some children present who observed when Olesia was mounted on a patrol car.

“Today, Holy Thursday, when they no longer even respect holy days, the Ortega y Murillo Police came to take my sister Olesia Muñoz, to an undisclosed destination,” denounced Allisson Muñoz Pavon, sister of the detainee, on social networks.

So far this Easter Week, the Sandinista Police and paramilitaries have abducted eight people, among them the journalist Víctor Ticay, a correspondent for channel 10 TV in Nandaime, three young opposition members and three church members from Nindirí and Nandaime.

The eighth abduction is that of Olesia Muñoz. Her family was refused information about her whereabouts, when they searched for news of her at the Niquinohomo municipal police station.

“I went to ask for her and they remained silent,” adds the complaint from Allisson Muñoz.

A relative of Olesia denounced that yesterday, police officers had sent a summons to “interview” (interrogate) her, but that she refused to go, so today more than 15 persons came to abduct her from the house.

Olesia Muñoz Pavón was rehearsing because at nightfall, she would have a presentation in a Church in the municipality of Diría, where she would give a concert of sacred music.

Olesia Muñoz Pavon during her first arrest in 2018.  Photo: Nicaraguan government.  She spent nine months in prison that time for having criticized the Ortega regime.

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