Paul Ryan Now Supports the Cuba Embargo

HAVANA TIMES — The US Republican running mate, Paul Ryan, committed an error by supporting the ending of the embargo against Cuba for years, but now he has corrected his position, said Cuban-American Congressional representative Mario Diaz-Balart on Thursday, reported AFP.

“Ryan admits he made a mistake early in his political career, but reflected on it and is doing the right thing,” said Diaz-Balart. “When we showed his the reality of the Castro tyranny, he changed and became our best ally in the cause of freedom in Cuba,” he said.

Ryan, the current chairman of the House Budget Committee, had voted to ease or end the embargo against Cuba in 20 of the 24 votes in which the issue was raised, indicated a statement by the non-governmental organization Washington Office on Latin America Affairs (WOLA) on Wednesday.

A survey conducted in 2011 by the Florida International University showed that 44 percent of Cuban Americans in Miami Dade County oppose the embargo.

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  • Mr. Ryan is just another political whore from the Republcian Party and a corrupt system that promotes bypassing real believes and positions for votes or money…..He cannot run away from his record

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