Raul Castro in Caracas for Chavez Funeral

Raul Castro arrives in Venezuela.  Photo: cubadebate.cu
Raul Castro arrives in Venezuela. Photo: cubadebate.cu

HAVANA TIMES — Cuban President Raul Castro has arrived in Caracas, Venezuela on Thursday afternoon to take part in the tribute to Hugo Chavez underway with the presence of leaders of numerous countries, reported cubadebate.cu.

Earlier in the day Castro presided over a tribute to Chavez in Santiago de Cuba were he declared: “What’s most important is that Chavez left undefeated, he left victorious and nobody can take that away from him, that is engraved in history…”

Castro added: “What’s most important now is for our people to advance with the influence he gave us over these years. We must not retreat, let’s struggle for unity, the unity of each people, of the Venezuelan people, of the Cuban people.”

“He already entered history through a great door and nobody can close that door or forget what’s happened. The Venezuelan people will know how to defend their conquests, and we, as we have done up until now, will be with them…” said the Cuban president.