Raul Castro Warns Cuban Intellectuals of a “Global Wave of Colonization”

Raúl Castro con el parlamento cubano. Foto: Cubadebate.cu
Raul Castro at a session of the Cuban legislature.  Photo: cubadebate.cu

HAVANA TIMES – Cuban President Raul Castro warned writers and artists of the island that Cuba is “threatened” by a “global wave of colonization” and “subversive projects” in the realm of culture, reported dpa.

“Today we are doubly threatened in the field of culture: by subversive projects that aim to divide us with a global wave of colonization,” the Cuban general/president told the National Writers and Artists Association of Cuba (UNEAC) in a written message.

Despite the wake-up call, Raul Castro said he trusted that “Uneac will continue facing these complex challenges with courage, intelligence and revolutionary commitment.”

On this 55th anniversary of the association, Castro praised the continuous “spirit of unity of the artistic vanguard, joined to the ‘trenches of ideas’ of Jose Marti.”

Some Cuban government sectors are wary of the new geopolitical context that exists between Havana and Washington.

After the historic restoration of diplomatic relations, the island has become a favorite destination for artists who want to experience firsthand the “thaw” after decades of confrontation.

Since then, parts of several US based movies have been filmed in Cuba including like “Fast and Furious 8” and the latest “Transformers”.  Last March, The Rolling Stones gave a free concert before tens of thousands of people. Artists including Rihanna, Katy Perry and Madonna have walked also the streets of Havana.

Last May, the French fashion house Chanel held a historic private parade down Havana’s Prado Promenade to present for the first time in Latin America its “Cruise Collection” by couturier Karl Lagerfeld.

7 thoughts on “Raul Castro Warns Cuban Intellectuals of a “Global Wave of Colonization”

  • You are right on the mark Informed Consent. Communist lackeys like George are frightened by the idea of “the people” having open access to information. If able to gain access to the full Internet, Cubans would learn just how much they have been deceived and lied to over the last fifty seven years.
    For they are regarded by Fidel Castro as:
    “criminals, lumpens, anti-social elements and parasites”
    Raul Castro concluded that:
    “Thus part of society has come to see theft from the state as normal.”
    “I have the bitter feeling that we are a society constantly more instructed but not necessarily more educated.”

  • Should be handled carefully? The technology is only decades old. We wouldn’t want newfangled technology to destabilize the country. God only knows that Cubans must be shielded and protected from the outside world. We wouldn’t want them getting any ideas, now would we?

    The rest of your comment is typical empty socialist gobbledygook…”strengthening internal dialog”. Ha!

  • The introduction of the internet needs to be handled very carefully. There is a real threat, but also great opportunities. The priority should be developing an intranet for logistics of food distribution and smart grid technology for energy distribution. Direct democracy whereby every Cuban citizen becomes a member of parliament with the ability to vote on policy is another initiative that should be undertaken. With regards to information, pursuing an internal intranet for social networks and information exchange should be developed slowly to allow a strengthening of the internal dialogue without being overwhelmed by the imperialist hegemony that exists in the world wide web. Particular attention should be paid to universities providing educational services such as online lectures and courses.

  • Cuban culture is under no threat. But a regime that can not adapt fast enough to meet the basic needs of it’s people, well it should be a little nervous. Now that America is giving up it’s silly embargo, a new evil is needed. A cultural colonization is comming song is not going to cut it.

  • Well Raul better get his act together, which he most definitely will not, because information will be hitting the masses in Cuba and it’s not from the evil empire across the straits. It won’t be outdated messages via TV from the USA but from countries like the Czech Republic who no longer adheres to the Communist doctrines ala USSR. It’s called the internet and it’s unstoppable so thanks for the ridiculous message Raul. I’d say your days are numbered. In short, you’re very, very old and outdated .

  • Raul states, “Uneac will continue facing these complex challenges with courage, intelligence and revolutionary commitment.” That’s Castro double-talk for “maintain the censorship”.

  • The concept of free exchange of views and opinions between those in the free world and citizens of Cuba is anathema to Raul Castro ass it runs contrary to communist teachings. Naturally he has a fear of anything that he cannot totally control for that threatens his power.

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