Specialists Predict Drought Could Worsen

HAVANA TIMES, Apr. 16 – If precipitations do not increase in May, the drought that is already affecting half a million persons in Cuba could worsen, said specialists from the Institute of Meteorology’s Climate Center. The deficit in rain began in November 2008, reported IPS.

2 thoughts on “Specialists Predict Drought Could Worsen

  • That’s sad to hear — but whether they’ve been ‘assisted’ by World capitalist-style development over the decades or not, droughts simply have to be dealt-with. How much room for improvement is there to deal with this recurrent situation, given the present circumstances — or worse — as a new baseline..? How much of the hurricane season rain can be cached and directed into dried-out cuban reservoirs, for instance? How are various water-use programs coming along, as well, etc.?

  • You know, Cuba is surrounded by sea water, and the suns shines there quite a lot.

    Would it be possible to build solar electricity generating facilities on the coast, use the desalinated steam to run electricity generating turbines, then “pipe” the naturally-rising waste steam into the higher elevations?

    Once the steam would rise, it would then be condensed back into water. From there it would flow via gravity to where it is needed.

    If it is possible, Cuba would get the electricity, plus the desalinated water piped naturally to higher elevations for irrigation, etc.

    It’s just a thought.

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