Time Ponders End of Cuba Travel Ban

HAVANA TIMES, Nov. 4 – Time Magazine runs a feature on Wednesday that shows a shift in sentiment about the US travel ban on Cuba from Cuban-Americans:

Not too long ago, Ricardo Herrero was one of Miami’s Cuban-American hard-liners, an ardent supporter of the US trade embargo against Cuba as well as on the US travel ban to the communist island. But a half-dozen trips to Cuba during this decade have changed his mind about the latter.

“There are no better ambassadors of American culture and American democracy than Americans themselves,” says Herrero, 31. Many fellow Cuban Americans who’ve traveled there, he adds, have come to the same conclusion: they “always come back saying it was a completely eye-opening experience” and have “changed their views because they witnessed firsthand the ineffectiveness of our current policy.”

Read the full Time article by Romina Ruiz-Goiriena

One thought on “Time Ponders End of Cuba Travel Ban

  • As a neutral, being British, perhaps the Americans are subjected to being brain washed about Cuba.
    If the Americans studied what former President Fidel Castro did what he felt passionate about i.e. his own Country which was used by America as yet another playground subject to abuse, they may realize why a succession of US Presidents have continued their blockade ( including Obama ).
    It may sound selfish, but the absence of Americans from Cuba is a bonus to me. What is being childish is the continued blockade of imports.
    Hopefully, someone will look at this objectively and lift this hideous blockade.

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