Tourist Visas for Cuba

HAVANA TIMES – Question: I will be travelling to Cuba in the coming months; however my country does not have a Cuban embassy. How can we get a visa?

Answer: The best advice is to make contact with Cuban embassy nearest to your country and ask if they can be of assistance. Here is a listing of Cuban embassies and consulates with phone numbers and email addresses.

If your country doesn’t have a Cuban embassy or consulate, try contacting the embassy in a neighboring country.

You can also try procuring a Cuban visa at the airport in Cancun, Mexico or even when you arrive to the Jose Marti airport in Havana. Use the last option with caution, as many airlines will not let you board unless you have a valid Cuban tourist visa on hand.

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  • Hi Johanna, I’m very excited for you! Please let me know how your adventure goes. [email protected]. Now to your question about the tourist visa. I cannot speak directly to your situation, and I would definitely contact the airline that you plan on using, but I’m confident that you can acquire one at the airport. And I’ve read somewhere that you can even obtain one in the Cuban airport once you land, but that would make me nervous. And I don’t think you can even board the plane to Cuba without one. Again, I’m excited for you, you’re going to meet some lovely people. Blessings

  • Hi Charles. I’m planning a trip to Cuba soon and doing the same “scenic” route via Bahamas. Is it difficult to get a tourist visa at the airport?? I was planning on actually going to the Cuban embassy in the Bahamas to get the visa.

  • I had once been told by Virgin Atlantic that my tourist visa would not be accepted in Havana due to the way I filled it in. Still, I refused to give Virgin an extra twenty pounds. On arrival in Havana there was no problem at all. Seems like Cuba always turnes out to be the exact opposite of what you expect.

  • Since I choose to take the “scenic” route from the U.S. to Cuba, via Costa Rica, Mexico, etc, I’ve always been able to purchase my tourist visa from the ticket counter personal of the airline, or airport, that is connected to my final leg into Cuba. And for future reference, Google your Cuba travel questions, you’ll find a lot of info out there. Safe journeys to you.

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