Two Hundred More Cuban MDs in Ecuador

A Cuban doctor working abroad.

HAVANA TIMES — Two hundred Cuban doctors left today from Quito to various remote regions of Ecuador, to provide medical care to patients and offer technical assistance for training of local staff, reported Prensa Latina.

The day before, the Ecuadorian Deputy Health Minister, David Acurio, welcomed the Cubans and explained that in addition to serving citizens, they would help strengthen health teams of the different territories.

The newly arrived Cuban specialists will join hundreds of other doctors from the island already working in the South American nation as part of an agreement between Quito and Havana, which seeks to ensure health services for the entire Ecuadorian population.

3 thoughts on “Two Hundred More Cuban MDs in Ecuador

  • Both your comments hold true!

  • What ever, Moses. What ever. I suppose Americans are also “exploiting” cheap Chinese labor when they invest in China and consume inexpensive Chinese manufactured products as well? Is the Chinese government “pimping” their workers too when they’re paid peanuts to produce finished goods for export to America? It’s ironic that when the embargo on Cuba finally ends, it will be Cuba’s cheap labor that will be the main attraction for American investment on the island and for exports back to the states. I’m sure Americans won’t be complaining…and surely they won’t be calling it exploitation.

  • You don’t have to read to deeply between the lines to see what’s going on here. These Cubans doctors aren’t serving in Quito. They are headed up into the mountains where the higher-paid, maybe lesser-qualified Ecuadoran doctors choose not to serve. Everybody but the Cuban doctor wins here. Even the Cuban doctor, who in Cuba would be earning only 50cuc per month, can now earn 500cuc even if means leaving family and home behind in Cuba. But how does this program really work? Well, first you have to seriously underpay Cuban doctors in Cuba so that a program that only pays them 500cuc per month seems like a good deal. We have a word in English for this: Exploitation. There is nothing altruistic about this program at all. We also have a word for the Castro regime that sends these doctors abroad: Pimps

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