US Navy Evacuates Non-Essential Personnel from its Guantanamo Base

Map of eastern Cuba por
Map of eastern Cuba por

HAVANA TIMES — The US Navy decided on Saturday to evacuate all non-essential personnel from its GITMO base on occupied Cuban territory.

“Members of the United States Navy and Coast Guard at Guantanamo Naval Base in Cuba have been told to evacuate their Non-Essential Personnel and family members in preparation for the arrival of Hurricane Matthew,” states reports.

No mention was made of the prisoners held without trial at the Naval Base prison camp.

The storm is a powerful Category 4 on the Saffir-Simpson scale and is currently aiming for a direct hit to Guantanamo province, although the path could shift slightly in the coming hours.

The Cuban Civil Defense network is in full swing in the island’s eastern provinces ready to evacuate the many people living in sub-standard and deteriorated housing.

The last hurricane to hit this area of Cuba was Sandy in 2012, causing major damage, especially in Santiago de Cuba but also in Guantanamo and Holguin.

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  • There is nothing in the Castro profile that would lead me to believe that they are capable of doing anything that involves hope, development and peace UNLESS someone else is paying for it.

  • I have suggested a better use for both countries and the world on these pages. Some have accused me of being idealistic and a fool. I hope you and others may join to press the international community to transform this house of torture and death into a center of hope, development and peace.

  • Why not use this excuse and leave GITMO for good?

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