US Rejects Cuba’s Biopsy on Alan Gross

HAVANA TIMES — US authorities have no way of evaluating the results of the biopsy performed by Cuban doctors “and not one chosen by Gross or one from the US,” said State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland at a press conference.

According to Reuters, the US government disputed whether “contractor” Alan Gross “has access to the kind of care he clearly needs” shortly after the Cuban government ruled out the inmate’s suffering from cancer.

One of Gross’s lawyers, Jared Genser, said, “As soon as possible” a medical oncologist will apply for a visa to travel to Cuba to examine Gross, given that a few days ago the Cuban government authorized this to be done by the doctor and rabbi Elie Abadie.

Gross, 63, has a non-cancerous lesion on the left shoulder (according to the findings of Cuban dortors), but Genser is demanding Gross be tested through a CT scan for more precision.

3 thoughts on “US Rejects Cuba’s Biopsy on Alan Gross

  • Mr. Valdes, you talk tough as if you have a warehouse full of predator drones or the largest arsenal of nuclear weapons. Your “take it or leave it” comment implies that you have a naval fleet spread around the world and a military budget greater than the next top ten countries combined. As a result, do you know who you sound like?

  • Well if the USA Government do not accept the diagnosis of the Cuban Doctors, bad for the USA Government and bad for mr. CIA employee Mr. Gross.

    The arrogance of the USA Government do not know a limit, but they must think that they are dealing with Cuba, not with Masrshall Island or other of their puppet in the world.

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