Venezuela/Elections: Capriles Rally in Caracas

HAVANA TIMES — Opposition candidate Henrique Capriles wrapped up the Caracas portion of his presidential campaign on Sunday with a massive rally in the Venezuelan capital.

The candidate, who promises to end the preferential oil deal with Cuba, is hoping for an upset on April 14th.

Asking his supporters to “dream”, Capriles said his victory would mean a day of “reconciliation of Venezuelans. “Never again will they divide Venezuela,” referring to the long polarization between supporters of Hugo Chávez and opponents.

“You can win elections in Havana, but I’m going to win the elections in Venezuela,” Capriles mocked Maduro.

Capriles criticized the spiraling violence in the country as well as the recently devalued currency, noting that now everything costs twice as much. He also asked the Armed Forces to respect the Constitution and said that if elected the Cuban military advisors would be sent home.

6 thoughts on “Venezuela/Elections: Capriles Rally in Caracas

  • Chavez didn`t buy any votes of the poor, he distributed a lot to the poor. Dont get him mixed up with your people on Capitol Hill.

  • The WikiLeaks Cables, (not only the ones of former US ambassador Brownfield sent, Browfield is also tied to death squads in El Salvador during their civil war and his good buddy D’Aubuisson is now working on in Venezuela) connect Capriles funding from the CIA ,his party (PJ) received funding and training from USAID, the attack on the Cuban Embassy stating that he was filmed climbing over the wall of the Cuban Embassy Compound and threatening the Cuban Ambassador in Venezuela, they also show that Capriles is a prime suspect in the assassination of the Venezuelan Prosecutor Danilo Anderson who was killed by a car bomb in November 2004 and the men who helped and did it are in Miami and that he was a key figure in the coup d’état that Danilo Anderson was investigating.

    The US Diplomatic cables tied Capriles, hand and foot to committing terrorist acts,subverting the Venezuelan Government and involved in the assassination of a state prosecutor and others who are part of a wide program against the Bolivarian revolution at the behest of the US government.

  • How long did Chavez spend in jail following his coup attempt? As I recall, he did not just “support” a coup, he lead it.

  • Curt, got any evidence on Capriles? What about Maduro and his mad curse? A man of reason, your new hero? Que Dios bendiga Venezuela!

  • It is likely that Capriles will lose but Maduro’s margin of victory will be a lot less than the 15-20% that some polls predict and will certainly not deliver the mandate to govern to the left that Maduro hopes for. At the very least, the first compromise likely to be made will be the level of Cuban support. It is not the capitalists that are causing the economy to spiral downward. Rather, it is failed populists policies that Chavez put in place to buy the votes of the poor which have sabotaged the oil-rich Venezuelan economy.

  • Capriles must be more than dreaming, he must be tripping on LSD. There is no way they win the election and either way they shall not return.

    Speaking of violence this man along with many others who should be in jail for their violence during the coup and supporting it, the oil strike, la “guarimba’s” and the sabotaged of the economy, speculation and hoarding by the capitalists.

    ¡Oye majunche, ven pa que vea, aquí está el pueblo que te va dar la pelea!”.

    Rojo Rojito


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