Venezuela/Elections: Capriles Rally in Caracas

HAVANA TIMES — Opposition candidate Henrique Capriles wrapped up the Caracas portion of his presidential campaign on Sunday with a massive rally in the Venezuelan capital.

The candidate, who promises to end the preferential oil deal with Cuba, is hoping for an upset on April 14th.

Asking his supporters to “dream”, Capriles said his victory would mean a day of “reconciliation of Venezuelans. “Never again will they divide Venezuela,” referring to the long polarization between supporters of Hugo Chávez and opponents.

“You can win elections in Havana, but I’m going to win the elections in Venezuela,” Capriles mocked Maduro.

Capriles criticized the spiraling violence in the country as well as the recently devalued currency, noting that now everything costs twice as much. He also asked the Armed Forces to respect the Constitution and said that if elected the Cuban military advisors would be sent home.

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  • Chavez didn`t buy any votes of the poor, he distributed a lot to the poor. Dont get him mixed up with your people on Capitol Hill.

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