Venezuela’s Maduro calls US Threat to World Peace

Nicolas Maduro. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES – Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro called the United States a threat to world peace on Wednesday, reported dpa news.

The United States today “represents the most serious threat facing our multipolar and multi-centred world,” Maduro charged. He spoke in a pre-recorded speech for the UN General Assembly’s annual debate, taking place online. 

Maduro claimed that his country “is under constant attack from the US empire.” He called for an end to sanctions with which he said the US wants to force a change of government in Caracas.

The Venezuelan president called the administration of President Donald Trump “a hostile government” which displayed “open contempt” for multilateralism.

Venezuela’s self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaido also addressed the international community in a video message broadcast on social networks. “Maduro does not want to solve the economic, social and political crisis at all,” the opposition leader said.

He accused Maduro of being personally responsible for the systematic persecution of political opponents and serious human rights violations. “We ask the international community for help,” said Guaido. “It is time for decisive action.”

Guaido and Maduro are locked in a bitter power struggle since the beginning of 2019.

A number of states – including the United States and Germany – recognized Guaido as the legitimate interim president. However, Maduro remains in power, still supported by the powerful military.

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5 thoughts on “Venezuela’s Maduro calls US Threat to World Peace

  • With reference to Dan’s comment, when did Maduro commence considering the best interests of Venezuelans? As for Trump, he has only reduced US military representation in other countries, so Curt ought to be pleased, especially in supporting the autocratic rulers of Russia and Belarus, both of whom are adhering to communist practice.

  • Maybe the $30 Billion the US took extra-legally from Venezuela could have been of some use to the Venezuelans .

  • I don’t have a high opinion of Maduro or Guaido , but Maduro is right on about the US being a threat to world peace, especially under Trump!

  • All Patriots stand with Nicholas Maduro and Venezuela! Viva Cuba! Viva Venezuela!!

  • A dictator calling for world peace ! The essence of hypocrisy !

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