Youth Film Festival Kicked Off in Havana

HAVANA TIMES, April 5 — The eleventh Youth Film Festival is taking place in this capital from April 3 to 8 with the participation of 87 audiovisual works entered in the competition, reported the Cubarte website.

Viewers will be able to enjoy 41 documentaries, 27 works of fiction and 9 cartoons being shown at sites that include the Charlie Chaplin and the “23 y 12” cinemas, the theaters on the second and fifth floors of the Cuban Institute of Art and Cinematographic Industry, and at the Centro Fresa y Chocolate.

The event annually brings together the latest in audiovisual production on the island and includes works that are produced independently.

Earlier this year, filmmaker Fernando Perez, who had been the customary president of the event, resigned from that post in protest over the censorship of a documentary about the rapper Escuadron Patriota.