Why Does Nicaragua Want 50 Russian Tanks?

Nicaraguan Army confirms buying Russian tanks and weapons

Vladimir Putin and Daniel Ortega. Photo: radionicaragua.com.ni
Vladimir Putin and Daniel Ortega. Photo: radionicaragua.com.ni

HAVANA TIMES — The Nicaraguan Army confirmed that the country acquired a considerable lot of military equipment and weaponry from Russia, among them T-721B1 tanks, as part of a plan to “modernize” the military institution, reported dpa news.

La Prensa newspaper quoted statements by military spokesman Col. Manuel Guevara, who was asked about a report by the Center for Analysis of World Arms Trade released Monday by the RIA Novosti news agency.

“I don’t have the quantity and the amount to be paid, but I can affirm that under the plan of modernization and development of the Nicaraguan Army it has sought to renovate equipment that has given its operational life,” said Guevara.

The Center for Analysis of World Arms Trade revealed that Nicaragua will receive a total of 50 Russian T-721B1 tanks. Although the price of the tanks is unknown, the Russian agency said there is a contract for 80 million dollars to be met by the end of this year or early 2017.

“Russia is beginning to fulfill the contract to supply Nicaragua with 50 modernized tanks in the framework of bilateral military-technical cooperation. The first batch of 20 are ready for shipment,” said RIA Novosti, noting that the information has not been confirmed by the Russian Defense Ministry.

RIA Novosti recalled that Moscow provided Nicaragua with twelve ZU-23-2 air defense systems in 2014, a lot of GAZ-2330 Tigr armored vehicles in 2012 and two Mi-17V-5 helicopters in 2009.

In addition, Nicaragua asked Russia to sell it four patrol boats in 2013 and has two rocket-launchers under contract, he said.

According to the Center for Analysis of World Arms Trade, all prerequisites are in place for the expansion of military-technical cooperation between Russia and Nicaragua, particularly in air defense and the supply of training aircraft known as Yak-130.

The former Soviet Union actively supported Nicaragua with weapons and military equipment during the Sandinista revolution (1979-1990). In 2007, after the return of President Daniel Ortega to power, Russia and Nicaragua reestablished relations.

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  • 50 tanks.

    Well, they will look good in parades.

    Costa Rica has no army (nor tanks) so no threat of invasion there.

    Honduras isn’the interested or capable of an invasion.

    And 50 tanks wouldn’the last 50 minutes if the US “invaded”… as Saddam’s hundreds of Russian tanks discovered in 2003.

    50 tanks are meant to intimidate the Nicaraguan populace and provide a nice cut $$ wise for Ortega who is now no different from Somoza when it comes to enriching himself.

  • jaja y gallopinto.

  • Aha… Yo sabia…

  • Por favor – English!

  • Russia has had lots of tanks for many years and rolled them into Hungary in 1956 and Czechoslovakia in 1968 -the latter action being much approved by Fidel Castro who castigated the leader of the Czech revolution for introducing freedom of the press. That same revolutionary leader was to become President when eventually the Soviet Empire imploded – Alexander Dubcek. Czechoslovakia along with the dozen other countries released from the thralldom of communism introduced democracy and like them did not elect a communist government when having free open elections. Who does not recall the Chinese communist government rolling the tanks into Tiannamin Square to quell the student demonstrations. Mao Zedong explained communist policies clearly when he said: “Power comes out of the mouth of a gun.”

  • No country in Latin America has been invaded more times than Nicaragua. Current enemies, US, Colombia and Honduras. The tanks are a good idea to defend the people of Nicaragua.

  • En plátanos y cafe o azucar.

  • EEUU, Colombia o el vasallo Honduras.

  • Only a grossly misinformed person would say such nonsense.

  • Clearly you have no knowledge of Nicaraguan history. You must think that Nicaragua has no enemies. Nicaragua has been invaded and occupied in all of its history four times. The US installed the loathsome tyrant Somoza which became a dynasty. After the people of Nicaragua overthrew the US puppet Somoza, the United States unleashed the its mercenary army, the Contra who was even allowed to traffic in Colombian cocaine into the United States, all documented. Now, Nicaragua has a maritime dispute with US vassal Colombia who has threatened war with Nicaragua with US encouragement.
    Yes, Nicaragua who seeks not to be a US puppet NEEDS and has the right to defend itself.

  • Why does Ortega want to spend money on Tanks ? Who does he have to protect the Country from ? As impoverished as Nicaragua is, he can find better ways to spend the money.

  • Why does any country want tanks? I don’t know how many tanks my own country, Canada, has. I’m willing to guess that it is more than 50.

  • `¿Quién pudiera querer atacar a Nicaragua?

  • ?Quiera conocer si Ortega van a pagar en dolares yanqi o rubles ruso?

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