By Brandon Ferdig

Juan Manuel Menendez. Foto de su página de Facebook

HAVANA TIMES – For two weeks in January I visited Cuba, a country long off-limits to Americans like me. My goal was to simply observe life in this country; to see if the stereotypes about old cars, positive people, and government control were true and then to see what lessons about humanity could be learned from Cuba.

Usually when I travel, I record interviews with residents who share about their lives. I didn’t anticipate doing this in Cuba. I worried about the risks.

But then on January 4, 2018, Juan Manuel Menendez sat down with me in a Havana park and talked about issues that have long been off-limits to Cubans: poverty, censorship, refugees, and general mismanagement of his country.

I was impressed with Juan’s openness. But then he gave his reason: he said hopes his children can someday watch this video to see their father wasn’t scared anymore.


6 thoughts on “A Cuban Loses his Fear (Video)

  • Socialism covers a lot of territory, from authoritarian to social democracy. I hope Cuba will move towards the latter, with elections with real choices. However, imperialism is sophisticated in its abilities to corrupt elections through large infusions of $$$ to support its candidates: purchasing media time, buying votes and, if worse comes to worse, staging outright coups, as were the cases recently in Honduras (but going back to Guatemala in ’53, Iran in ’54, and many others both beforee and since). Even in our own recent elections because the way our system is stacked we only had a choice between the ridiculous and the absurd. Actually, given the track record on “demockracy” and some of its alternatives (illustrated by Socrates’s REPUBLIC), I’m not sure democracy is best. or even second-best!

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