Another Miami-White House anti-Cuba Concoction

By Alberto N Jones

Trump will no doubt stop for a Cuban coffee and pastry at the emblematic Versailles Restaurant.

HAVANA TIMES — On Friday June 16, president Donald Trump is expected in Miami where he will meet with right-wing Cuban American politicians and with vestiges of surviving exile hardliners to fulfill the coffee and pastry ritual at the Versailles restaurant before or after reversing some or all of president Barack Obama directives, which have relaxed the political atmosphere between the United States, Cuba and the region for the first time in half a century.

Many believe that during a recent dinner at the White House, Marco Rubio agreed with President Donald Trump to grill ex-FBI chief James Comey with intrusive questioning during a senate hearing in exchange for Trump reversing all or most of Barack Obama’s decrees that improved relations with Cuba.

Foolishly, Marco Rubio and his gang continue to believe that increased hunger, pain, suffering and deaths imposed on Cuba, will lead the Cuban people to get on their knees, cry uncle and give-up decades of struggle against many things the US stands for.

Intentionally ignoring a widely documented history in which Cuba resisted a devastating embargo, invasion, bio-terrorism, financial an economic blockade, sabotage, assassinations and much more for half a century that yielded no political, social or economic gains for the US, they stubbornly persist in following this failed trajectory.

Rather than devoting their time and financial resources to address the monstruous financial crisis that is sinking Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands into the ocean, the massive drug epidemic that is devouring New Hampshire, West Virginia and Ohio, the intractable race-relations and hate that is ravaging the nation or the gun violence in Chicago, Miami Gardens and Jacksonville, they choose to focus on Cuba with none of these intractable social ills.

During the presidency of John F. Kennedy 55 years ago, older right-wing Cubans in south Florida orchestrated a similar conflict which lead to the Cuban Missile Crisis and placed the entire world on the verge of a nuclear holocaust.

An intelligent, visionary, cool-headed administration at the time, was able to develop a serious back-channel negotiation with the USSR, which was able to diffuse the crisis and pull back from the most dangerous event the world has experienced since the sad and tragic days of  Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Today everything is different and dangerous, because in lieu of president John F. Kennedy in the White House, president Donald Trump limited intellect, propensity to tweet, foul mouth and irrational behavior, does not bode well for a critical, split second decision.

Whatever follows the president’s speech on Friday and Cuba’s reaction, will be the absolute responsibility of US Senator Marco Rubio, Congressmen Mario Diaz-Balart, Carlos Curbelo and their cohorts.

May reason, cool-headed leaders and peace prevail over the dark and sad day of October 22, 1962, when the world could have ended!

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4 thoughts on “Another Miami-White House anti-Cuba Concoction

  • It doesn’t take a genius to realize this article is highly biased and therefore, deceptive. Extensive use of fallacy …

  • There’s a certain quid pro quo that wasn’t followed through when Obama opened up Cuba to US citizens. In short, travel from the US, has brought billions into Cuba’s economy so what’s the problem? Cuba has two sides, one on the island and the other in NJ, Florida, USA. Those who fled, and supported “a change” in 1959, got smacked in the face with Castro’s allegiance towards Marxism.
    The migration to the US from Cuba has brought about one of the most unified voting block in this country. Due to the electoral college, Florida is a huge state to win. Trump won the election and Florida was in his bank account. Now, you have politics, plain and simple. Had Castro taken a different path, two years ago, perhaps the die might have fallen forward to Clinton but nope, it’s a whole new regime and Cuba is sadly paying the price.

  • Dr. Jones is poorly studied in this post. The US pays little or no attention to Cuba. Trump’s announcement this Friday will barely be carried for the entire 24-hour news cycle. The Cuban reaction? Who cares?

  • Dr. Jones is out of date. How is Trump(f) going to have a Cuban coffee when Cubans can’t buy it in Cuba?

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