Don’t Mess with Pablo!

Joaquin Sabina, traitor! Pablo Milanes a worm! The best thing about it is you pull on the chain and she keeps talking. Brilliant!

By Matraca (El Toque)

HAVANA TIMES – This week the social networks became heated when a “friend of the Revolution” from Spain, received by the main leaders of the Cuban government, who repeatedly offended the singer-songwriter Pablo Milanes, who is hospitalized in Madrid, on her social networks.

The words of this journalist —whose name we ignore so as not to give her more relevance— unleashed the indignation of several Cubans, regardless of her political ideology.

Although some people defended the Spanish woman, and even denounced that she had been a victim of gender violence, the support for the troubadour and the desire for his speedy recovery has been a sign of the respect and affection people hold towards those people who constitute untouchable symbols of the Cuban culture.

One of the main criticisms regarding the matter has been the silence of several Cuban institutions and officials who receive and applaud this Spaniard.

Meanwhile, also in the news is the recent tour of Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel to several countries including Algeria, Russia, Turkey and China, in a desperate attempt to consolidate international alliances and receive aid that will allow the Government to reduce the effects of the deep crisis.

On the national scene, it emerged that the seventh floating electricity plant that the Cuban Government rents from Turkey arrived in Cuba. This has a capacity of 110 MW, close to 10% of the average daily generation deficit during peak hours.

A little help please…
The Cuba invented by Ana Hurtado. Ana Hurtado in the real Cuba.
She doesn’t have an appointment but Fana Hurtatti wants to see you. Shit!
Our revolution and our Party are bringing in some floating electric generating plants to solve the current temporary crisis. Are you thinking the same thing as me? I wonder how many people could fit on that boat and who long would it take to reach Mayami? Exactly. For your information.
Toxic Words. Ana Hurtado

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