Gabriel Boric and Evo Morales in Relation to Nicaragua

Chilean President Gabriel Boric speaks during a conference with young students in Canada. Photo: Efe/Alberto Valdes

I thank Gabriel Boric for not remaining silent. Evo: Enough of justifying the atrocities against freedom and justice committed by Daniel Ortega!

By Monica Baltodano (Confidencial)

HAVANA TIMES – Chilean President Gabriel Boric is telling the truth when he points out that on Sunday, November 6, municipal “elections” were held in Nicaragua and that, out of a total of 153 municipalities, Ortega declared himself the winner in all 153. And he added: “An electoral process that is carried out without freedom, without reliable electoral justice and with all the opponents imprisoned or banned, is not a democracy anywhere in the world.”

Isn’t it true that in Nicaragua there is no freedom or independent and reliable electoral authority and that all opponents are in prison or in exile?

However, former Bolivian president Evo Morales, Ortega’s buddy, in unscrupulous chapuña, as they say in Aymara when stirring shrubs with thorns, mixes the truth that Salvador Allende was overthrown by a CIA backed coup with the falsehood that president brother Boric joins the CIA attacks against Nicaragua for questioning the municipal elections.

For millions of Nicaraguans who live in the prison that Daniel Ortega has literally turned our country into; for emblematic revolutionaries of the 1979 deed, such as Dora Maria Tellez, imprisoned in the most brutal conditions, or in exile, as I; for the tens of thousands who have emigrated in search of freedom and work to other parts of the world, there is no doubt: On November 6, the iron ring and the authoritarian and repressive control of the Ortega dictatorship tightened even more. They awarded 100% of municipal governments to their party in elections without opposition and with all constitutional guarantees suspended: freedom of movement, information, expression, assembly, etc.

I say to Evo Morales, and to other so-called leftist leaders who think like him: Enough of continuing to use the CIA, the external enemy, of the cold war and of a single imperialism, to justify the atrocities against freedom and justice committed by Daniel Ortega!

Enough of this immoral defense of dictators and oppressors, left-wing capitalist bosses, who execute extractivist, IMF and neoliberal policies, from which the extreme right and the Trump and Bolsonaro fundamentalisms are strengthened!

I say to President Gabriel Boric and to those on the left who sympathize with our struggle: Thank you for not being silent or feigning insanity in the face of the atrocities being committed in Nicaragua; thank you for being attentive to the sufferings of our people; Thank you for denouncing and demanding freedom, social justice and democracy for all, distinguished values ​​that inspired President Salvador Allende.

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