Nicaragua Is Safe Thanks to God and Compañera Rosario

By Circles Robinson

Rosario Murillo. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES – While the rest of the world scrambles to come up with prevention strategies to contain the coronavirus, Nicaragua’s acting president, Rosario Murillo, has a novel plan for the American continent’s second poorest country.

Murillo’s recipe includes God, secrecy, censorship, a solid chain of command and loyal followers. According to the only government spokesperson, Nicaragua has only had less than a handful of positive Covid-19 cases out of an undisclosed number of persons tested. Doctors and nurses are forbidden to use masks so as not to alarm the population.

Going against the grain of all neighboring countries, the Nicaraguan government continues to promote tourism, public gatherings and pro-government rallies and its beaches.  With Easter week coming up (April 5-12), the country remains open for business, at least in Murillo’s play book. 

Likewise, public schools have remained open and students threatened with failing if they don’t attend for tests. 

Nonetheless, the government’s trade fairs, and other activities to promote a supposed “normality”, are drawing an increasingly smaller audience and many parents have decided to disobey and keep their kids home. A growing number of businesses, both large and small have closed for their own protection and that of the employees.

Rosario Murillo – Photo: el

Opposition politicians are accusing the government of total negligence in the face of the Coronavirus, doubling down on the crimes against humanity committed in the 2018 massacre after the April rebellion, when Ortega’s Police and paramilitary forces killed well over 325 persons, wounding around 2,000, and jailing nearly 1,000 for protesting against the regime and forcing over 80,000 to go into exile.

The global pandemic is proving a new chance for Murillo to exercise her ironclad rule and total disregard for citizens’ lives. She has the power to do so as long as her chain of command remains loyal, and thus far it has.

For over ten years, Murillo has been giving a daily noontime speech to the nation, broadcast on the numerous government and family TV and radio stations and published on her official website. 

Listening to the entire 30-minute talk, much less reading the official transcript, can be extremely painful.  However, to give our readers a better understanding of the mind running the country in Nicaragua we translated Murillo’s speech on Saturday March 28, 2020.  If you think Trump, Bolsonaro and Maduro are loonies you haven’t seen anything in comparison.

[Note: We have left Murillo’s style of grammar, capitalization and fragmented sentences as they appear in the original, which we post at the bottom for visual corroboration.]


Comrade Rosario Murillo
Speech of March 28, 2020

Rosario Murillo Photo:

Very Good and Blessed Days, Dear Families, Dear People, Valiant, Great, People of Faith and Hope, in our Holy Nicaragua, where that Faith grows, with the Prayer of All, the Invocation to God, from all. This is our Holy Nicaragua, where we treasure more and more the Strength that our Families give us … Where we grow in the Great Spirit of Community, which glorifies, cries out, surrenders to God and to Hope, from our Christian and Solidarity Values.

We are in absolute connection, in tune with everyone, with that God of All, that God who raises us above all afflictions, above suffering, above miseries, that God who with His Protection and His Divine Intelligence and Power, makes us see these Times of Learning, teaches us to see how Times of Learning, each situation, each circumstance, and makes us see that, knowing and seeing what we live, as a Human Fraternity, brings us that knowledge to find more and more reasons to love.

Yesterday, I said there is always someone to live for, to love for, to fight for. Reasons to love, to grow, to learn more, and to understand that Life is, as it is, and that all Time must be for Goodness, for Good, for Generosity, and for sharing, with a Warm and Strong Spirit of Peace and Good, the changes that each Moment in History brings us, and these Moments in particular.

The most important thing in our Lives is to understand that with Good Feelings, Good Emotions, and Great Hope, we can learn more from all these crises, from all these situations, so that the best possible state of mind continues to emerge, from our valuable and courageous Family, Religious and Community Culture, so that we know how to continue to come together, accompanying ourselves, communicating, supporting each other, and learning to live with the necessary calm, tranquility, from Faith; learning to live beyond natural fear and, in a certain dose, protector; learning, yes, to live without panic, because it paralyzes us, with the Faith that grows, and with a Sense of Peace, from the Supreme Breath of God.

And it is, Thank God, that we can inform our Great People with admiration and respect, that we continue to take refuge in the Lord, invoking him at every moment, First God, First God, First God, to work and work well, in the Countryside, to produce more of everything necessary for Life; working in the Markets, in Commerce, in corner stores, in all the Small and Medium Businesses, in all those Entrepreneurships or Businesses that want to work, with Conscience, with Responsibility, applying, of course, all the Protection Measures that we have learned, which are guided by National and International Authorities.

Also, with the Strength of Faith and the Light of Hope, we continue to study and incorporate the valuable Knowledge that we need to continue advancing, step by step, with so much Love and Dedication, in this Nicaragua of everyone, in this Nicaragua of Peace and Good.

I can also inform that the National Penitentiary System and the preventive prisons of the National Police, thank God, with Measures applied, report normality, and Encouragement, Spiritual Food from Faith, with those [evangelical] Tele-Services, Video-Services that we carry out every day for those who wish. In charge are different Pastors, the Pastor and Secretary General of the Assemblies of God, Roberto Rojas, and different Pastors who are participating, bringing Encouragement, that Food, the Word of God, to those who request it, in all the Dependencies of the National Penitentiary System, of the National Police. And family visits, which are so important, we always say, for the People who are there, continue to be carried out, according to Plans, applying the indispensable Protection Measures to everyone.

We are always grateful for the Example and Courage of the Holy Father, Pope Francis, grateful for his Example, for his Inspiration, for his Prayers, and for the Religious Leaders who throughout the World cry out to God, and offer Comfort to the Peoples, from Faith and Hope.

Here in our Country, our Recognition, Appreciation, to so many Religious people who have written to us, so many Pastors who have written to us, and have prepared to continue praying, at all times, crying out to God at all times, together with the Families in each Neighborhood, Region, Community, so that God continues blessing and protecting each Home and each Human Being in Nicaragua and the World, and particularly those people that we must care for more, with more dedication: To our elderly, to our Chronically Ill, to our Patients with HIV / AIDS, Kidney Failure, Diabetes, or any other disease that makes them especially vulnerable.

Our Thanks to God Our Lord, who makes it possible for so much Love to be poured out, for so much Mercy to be poured out, so much Love to be poured out, so much Mercy poured out on this People of His, who cry out to him with the Force of Victorious Faith.

In the Health Field, the situation reported to us by MINSA is, thank God, until now, the same as yesterday.

Tests continue to be carried out on people who deserve it. All have been negative, until now.

We report that, until this noon, case number 1 continues without symptoms, in the process of frank recovery. We can say that he is recovered, just waiting for the Discharge, and complying with the times established in the Protocols to be discharged. But, thank God, that this imported case number 1, without symptoms, continues well, stable, and in the process of being discharged, God allow it, on the corresponding date, according to the day he tested positive. He has completed his critical period, advancing towards discharge.

We have case number 2, which we know about. Unfortunately, our Brother died from multi-organ failures to which he was prone. We are reading the same report from yesterday. We already know that his initial health status represented a very high risk: Brother with diabetes, hypertension and HIV-AIDS. High-risk patient who unfortunately passed away.

Then, yesterday, 2 positive cases, People who came from the United States: Female Person, 52 years old, attended; Male person, 70 years old. They are both imported cases. The second case is high risk due to his age and other chronic conditions that he already had, and he is being treated. We ask God to guarantee his Health.

So the balance is the same as yesterday, until now:

–  About to be discharged, recovered we could say, case number 1;

– The deceased Brother;

– And the two that we received yesterday as new positives, that are imported and that are being attended.

The same 14 People in follow-up, and God willing, already a good part of them will receive their Discharge of the critical period, although they must continue taking Measures, Precautions. They are contacts of imported cases, or that came from the countries themselves with strong outbreaks. They continue to be constantly monitored by the Ministry of Health.

We hope to be able to give good news, tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, about these People who are without symptoms, thank God, stable, they have no symptoms, it cannot be said that they are sick. They are in follow-up. The physical examination that was carried out on those 14 people, which ordered close monitoring. No other test has been done because they don’t warrant it.

The positive cases we have are the two we reported yesterday, plus the Patient who is about to be discharged, and we do not have, God Blessed, any local community transmission.

We also comply with the Mandate established by the Health Authorities, that those who enter the country asymptomatic, from countries with strong outbreaks, go home to keep the recommended period of preventive isolation.

We continue with Hope and Trust in the God of All, in the Faith that we put in His Divine Protection, in the Blessing that we feel ourselves receive every morning, in the form of Energy, to continue working, prioritizing Health Care and Promotion, the visits of our Love Brigades, and Recommendations for all the necessary care, those Recommendations that we give, house to house, with our Salute, Respect, Recognition and Admiration to Courage and to the high disposition of service, of all the People of Nicaragua, of the Health Workers, of the Community Networks and Health Promoters; that dedicated Spirit of Service of the Educators, of all the Public Servants, of our Army, our Police, our Immigration System, our Firemen, all the Personnel of the Ministry of the Interior. Our Recognition to all of them, for taking care of us, for being part of this Great Responsible and Loving Campaign, in our Country.

We are all indebted to our Great People, and to our Great People we have the Honor and Privilege of serving them as their Government, and as committed Human Beings, in each moment of our Lives, for the Common Good.

We are Ahead, and with the Will of God and in permanent Prayer and Clamor, Let’s Go Forward. Our Solidarity and Prayers, as every day, with all the Peoples and Governments of the World … Our Solidarity and Encouragement, our best Will towards all the Peoples and Governments of the World, the Community, the Human Fraternity, and everyone, especially those who have seen their lives seriously affected in these learning circumstances are going through, because we are going to continue learning, we must continue learning, making the best of each one, for the best of everyone.

We are in communication, Dear Companions, Brothers and Sisters at all times, with the Greetings, the Embrace and the unyielding Commitment, the increased Responsibility of our Government, of our President, Commander Daniel, of all the Institutions that serve our people.

Our State, our Government, our Mayors, with genuine Humility, can say that we are aware of the privilege that our Valiant, Noble People, confers on us. We appreciate that Trust of our People, and we prepare to work more and more and more to continue to come together, accompanying, joining in Will and Prayers to God, seeking to continue creating the New Day, with greater learning about all the valuable things that we have, as Humanity, above all the Unity, the Fraternity, the Common Good, the Love of the Neighbor, and the Respect for Life in all its forms.

Let’s listen, Brothers and Sisters let it be heard,
the Song of Joy
the Song of those who await the New Day
We sing, sing, dream, singing
let’s live dreaming of that New Sun
in which Men, Women
Women, Men
We will be Brothers and Sisters again. We don’t doubt it!

We are, thank God, working, we are devoted, as it should be, to the Service to our People, in Love for Others, in Love in a big way and, we continue watching over the entire Country, waiting for all the information.

And we say again: We have a case that was positive on March 18, which is about to be discharged, recovered, thank God; the deceased Brother; the two positive cases yesterday, both imported from the United States, which are being treated. We also have, we repeat, the 14 People who, in preventive follow-up, are being monitored and about to be discharged, to move from that Extreme Preventive Monitoring and Surveillance to a situation of always alert. But aware that these 14 Brothers and Sisters, who are contacts of imported cases, or returned from Countries with strong outbreaks, have been well, without symptoms, and God willing continue well.

Thank you, compatriots … And let’s go forward! Let’s go ahead! My Embrace, Commander Daniel’s Embrace, the Commitment of all of us, to continue offering the best of ourselves. All our Energies at the Service of our People in everything demanded of us, so that these circumstances that the History of Humanity lives, that the World lives, are, for us, the Nicaraguan People, of greater learning every day, about the Goodness of Peace, Tranquility, Unity, Fraternity, Faith, Family and Hope, Community and the sense of Community, in our Homeland. In this Homeland of all!

Thank you, Compatriots. It is ours, it is ours, with the Force that God gives us, and with his Will, the Future! Thank you.


The Original published on the official webstite.

Compañera Rosario Murillo

Discurso del 28 de Marzo del 2020

Rosario Murillo. Foto:

Muy Buenos y Bendecidos Días, Queridas Familias, Querido Pueblo, Valiente, Grande, Pueblo de Fé y Esperanza, en nuestra Nicaragua Santa, donde crece esa Fé, con la Oración de [email protected], la Invocación al Altísimo, de [email protected] Esta nuestra Nicaragua Santa, donde atesoramos más y más la Fortaleza que nos dan nuestras Familias… Donde crecemos en el Gran Espíritu de Comunidad, que glorifica, que clama, que se entrega a Dios y a la Esperanza, desde nuestros Valores Cristianos y Solidarios.

Estamos en absoluta conexión, en sintonía [email protected], con ese Dios de [email protected], ese Dios que nos eleva por encima de todas las aflicciones, por encima de los sufrimientos, por encima de las miserias, ese Dios que con Su Protección y Su Divina Inteligencia y Poder, nos hace ver como Tiempos de Aprendizaje, nos enseña a ver como Tiempos de Aprendizaje, cada situación, cada circunstancia, y nos hace ver que, sabiendo y conociendo lo que vivimos, como Fraternidad Humana, nos lleva ese conocimiento a encontrar más y más razones para amar.

Ayer decíamos, siempre hay por quién vivir, a quién amar, por quién luchar. Razones para amar, para crecer, para saber más, y para entender que la Vida és, como és, y que todo Tiempo debe ser para la Bondad, para el Bien, para la Generosidad, y para compartir, con Espíritu Cálido y con Fuerza de Paz y Bien, los cambios que nos trae cada Momento de la Historia, y estos Momentos en particular.

Lo más importante en nuestras Vidas és entender, que con Buenos Sentimientos, Buenas Emociones, y Gran Esperanza, podemos aprender más de todas estas crisis, de todas estas situaciones, para que siga aflorando el mejor estado de ánimo posible, desde nuestra valiosa y valerosa Cultura Familiar, Religiosa, Comunitaria, para que sepamos continuar acuerpándonos, acompañándonos, comunicándonos, apoyándonos, y aprendiendo a vivir con la calma necesaria, la tranquilidad, desde la Fé; aprendiendo a vivir más allá del temor natural y, en cierta dosis, protector; aprendiendo, eso sí, a vivir sin pánico, porque nos paraliza, con la Fé que crece, y con Sentido de Paz, desde el Aliento Supremo de Dios.

Y és, Gracias a Dios, que podemos informar con admiración y respeto a nuestro Gran Pueblo, que seguimos amparándonos en el Señor, invocándole a cada instante, Primero Dios, Primero Dios, Primero Dios, para trabajar y trabajar bien, en el Campo, para producir más de todo lo necesario para la Vida; trabajando en los Mercados, en el Comercio, en las Pulperías, en todos los Pequeños y Medianos Negocios, en todos esos Emprendimientos o Negocios que quieran trabajar, con Conciencia, con Responsabilidad, aplicando, por supuesto, todas las Medidas de Protección que hemos aprendido, que están orientadas por las Autoridades Nacionales e Internacionales.

También, con la Fortaleza de la Fé y la Luz de la Esperanza, seguimos estudiando e incorporando esos valiosos Conocimientos que necesitamos para seguir avanzando, paso a paso, con tanto Amor y Dedicación, en esta Nicaragua de [email protected], en esta Nicaragua de Paz y Bien.

Podemos informar, igualmente, [email protected] a Dios, que se mantienen y aplican todas las estrictas Medidas de Precaución y Prevención, en todos los Puestos de Ingreso al País, en Aeropuertos, y en las Fronteras donde circula nuestro Comercio Regional, los Bienes necesarios, por nuestros Pueblos, Pueblos Centroamericanos, Pueblos Hermanos de Centroamérica, para vivir.

Nuestra Admiración, nuestro Respeto, nuestro Reconocimiento a [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] que trabajan en la aplicación rigurosa de todas estas Medidas de Precaución y de Prevención : Compañ[email protected] de Migración, del Ministerio de Gobernación, que están allí, de nuestra Policía,de nuestro Ejército, que están allí, cuidando a quienes transitan, y cuidándonos a [email protected]

Informar también, que el Sistema Penitenciario Nacional y las cárceles preventivas de la Policía Nacional, gracias a Dios, con Medidas aplicándose, reportan normalidad, y Aliento, Alimento Espiritual desde la Fé, con esos Tele-Cultos, Video-Cultos que realizamos todos los días para quienes lo deseen, a cargo de distintos Pastores, el Pastor y Secretario General de las Asambleas de Dios, Roberto Rojas, y distintos Pastores que están participando, llevando ese Aliento, ese Alimento, la Palabra de Dios, a quienes lo solicitan, en todas las Dependencias del Sistema Penitenciario Nacional, de la Policía Nacional. Y las visitas de los familiares, que son tan importantes, siempre lo decimos, para las Personas que están allí, siguen realizándose, según Planes, aplicándose las indispensables Medidas de Protección a [email protected]

Siempre estamos [email protected] por el Ejemplo y la Valentía del Santo Padre, el Papa Francisco, [email protected] por su Ejemplo, por su Inspiración, por sus Oraciones, y a los Líderes Religiosos que en todo el Mundo claman a Dios, y ofrecen Consuelo a los Pueblos, desde la Fé y la Esperanza.

Aquí en nuestro País, nuestro Reconocimiento, Agradecimiento, a [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] que nos han escrito, tantos Pastores que nos han escrito, y se han dispuesto a continuar orando, en todo momento, clamando a Dios en todo momento, junto a las Familias en cada Barrio, Comarca, Comunidad, para que Dios continúe bendiciendo y protegiendo a cada Hogar y a cada Ser Humano en Nicaragua y el Mundo, y particularmente a [email protected] [email protected] que debemos cuidar más, con más esmero : A [email protected] [email protected], a [email protected] [email protected] Cró[email protected], a [email protected] Pacientes con  VIH/SIDA, con Insuficiencia Renal, con Diabetes, o con cualquier otro padecimiento que los vuelve especialmente vulnerables.

Nuestro Agradecimiento a Dios Nuestro Señor, que hace posible que tanto Amor sea derramado, que tanta Misericordia sea derramada, tanto Amor derramado, tanta Misericordia derramada sobre este Pueblo Suyo, que clama al Altísimo con Fuerza de Fé Victoriosa.

En el Campo de la Salud, la situación que nos reporta el MINSA, és, gracias a Dios, hasta este momento, la misma de ayer.

Se continúan realizando pruebas a Personas que lo ameritaban, o lo ameritan. Todas han salido negativas, hasta este momento.

Informamos que, hasta este mediodía, el caso número 1 continúa sin síntomas, en vías de franca recuperación. Podemos decir que está recuperado, sólo esperando el Alta, y cumpliendo con los tiempos establecidos en los Protocolos para ser dado de Alta. Pero, gracias a Dios, que ese caso número 1 importado, sin síntomas, continúa bien, estable, y en vías de ser dado de Alta, Dios lo permita, en la fecha que corresponde, según el día que dio positivo. Él ha cumplido su período crítico, avanza hacia el Alta.

Tenemos el caso número 2, que lo conocemos. Lamentablemente nuestro Hermano falleció por fallas multiorgánicas a las que estuvo propenso. Estamos leyendo el mismo Informe de ayer. Su estado de salud inicial ya sabemos que representaba muy alto riesgo : Hermano con diabetes, hipertensión y VIH-SIDA. Paciente de alto riesgo que lamentablemente falleció.

Luego, ayer, 2 casos positivos, Personas que llegaron de Estados Unidos : Persona Mujer, de 52 años, atendida; Persona Varón, de 70 años. Los dos son casos importados. El segundo caso és de alto riesgo por su edad y otros padecimientos crónicos que ya tenía, está siendo atendido. Pedimos a Dios por su Salud.

Entonces el Balance és el mismo de ayer, hasta este momento :

– A punto de recibir el Alta, recuperado podríamos decir, el caso número 1;

-El Hermano fallecido;

-Y los dos que recibimos ayer como nuevos positivos, que son importados y que están siendo [email protected]

Las mismas 14 Personas, en seguimiento, y Dios Mediante, ya una buena parte de ella recibirá el Alta del período crítico, aunque deben continuar tomando Medidas, Precauciones. Son contactos de los casos importados, o que llegaron [email protected] [email protected] de Países con brotes fuertes. Continúan en monitoreo permanente del Ministerio de Salud.

Esperamos poder dar buenas noticias, mañana, o pasado mañana, sobre estas Personas que están sin síntomas, gracias a Dios, estables, no tienen síntomas, no se puede decir que estén enfermos. Están en seguimiento. El examen físico que se hizo a esas 14 Personas lo que mandató és seguimiento cercano. No se ha hecho otra prueba porque no la ameritan.

Los casos positivos que tenemos son los dos que reportamos ayer, más el Paciente que está a punto de recibir el Alta, y no tenemos, Bendito Dios, transmisión local comunitaria.

Cumplimos también con el Mandato establecido por las Autoridades de Salud, de que aquellas Personas que ingresan asintomáticas al País, de Países con brotes fuertes, vayan a sus casas a guardar el período recomendado, de aislamiento preventivo.

Seguimos con Esperanza y Confianza en el Dios de [email protected], en la Fé que ponemos en Su Divina Protección, en la Bendición que sentimos recibir cada mañana, en forma de Energía, para seguir trabajando, privilegiando la Atención y Promoción de Salud, las visitas de nuestras Brigadas de Cariño, y las Recomendaciones para todos los cuidados necesarios, esas Recomendaciones que damos, casa por casa, con nuestro Saludo, Respeto, Reconocimiento y Admiración a la Valentía y a la elevada disposición de servicio, de todo el Pueblo de Nicaragua, de [email protected] [email protected] Especialistas de Salud, de las Redes Comunitarias y [email protected] de Salud; ese esmerado Espíritu de Servicio de [email protected] [email protected], de [email protected] [email protected] [email protected][email protected], de nuestroEjército, nuestra Policía, nuestro Sistema de Migración, nuestros Bomberos, todo el Personal del Ministerio de Gobernación. A [email protected] [email protected] nuestro Reconocimiento, por cuidarnos, por ser parte de esta Gran Campaña de Cuido Responsable y Amoroso, en nuestro País.

A nuestro Gran Pueblo nos debemos [email protected], y a nuestro Gran Pueblo tenemos el Honor y el Privilegio de servirles como Gobierno suyo, y como Seres Humanos comprometidos, en cada instante de nuestras Vidas, por el Bien Común.

Estamos Adelante, y con la Voluntad de Dios y en Oración y Clamor permanente, Vamos Adelante. Nuestra Solidaridad y Oraciones, como cada día, con todos los Pueblos y Gobiernos del Mundo… Nuestra Solidaridad y Aliento, nuestra mejor Voluntad hacia todos los Pueblos y Gobiernos del Mundo, a la Comunidad, a la Fraternidad Humana, y a [email protected], sobre todo [email protected] que han visto seriamente afectadas sus Vidas en estas circunstancias de aprendizaje que atravesamos, porque vamos a seguir aprendiendo, debemos seguir aprendiendo, disponiendo lo Mejor de cada [email protected], para lo Mejor de [email protected]

Estamos en comunicación, [email protected] Compañ[email protected], [email protected], en todo momento, con el Saludo, el Abrazo y el indeclinable Compromiso, laacrecentada Responsabilidad de nuestro Gobierno, de nuestro Presidente, el Comandante Daniel, de todas las Instituciones que sirven a nuestro Pueblo.

Nuestro Estado, nuestro Gobierno, nuestras Alcaldías, con genuina Humildad, decimos que estamos conscientes del privilegio que nuestro Valiente, Noble Pueblo, nos confiere. Agradecemos esa Confianza de nuestro Pueblo, y nos disponemos a trabajar más y más y más para seguirnos acuerpando, acompañando, uniéndonos en Voluntad y Oraciones al Altísimo, procurando continuar creando el Nuevo Día, con mayores aprendizajes sobre todo lo valioso que tenemos, como Humanidad, sobre todo la Unión, la Fraternidad, el Bien Común, el Amor al Prójimo, y el Respeto a la Vida en todas sus formas.

Escuchemos, porque se oye, [email protected],
la Canción de la Alegría
el Canto de los que esperamos el Nuevo Día
Cantamos, cantemos, soñemos Cantando
vivamos soñando ese Nuevo Sol
en que los Hombres, las Mujeres
las Mujeres, los Hombres
volveremos a ser [email protected] No lo dudamos !

Estamos, gracias a Dios, trabajando, estamos [email protected], como debe ser, al Servicio a nuestro Pueblo, en Amor al Prójimo, en Amor en grande y, seguimos pendientes de todo el País, pendientes de todas las informaciones.

Y volvemos a decir : Tenemos un caso que fue positivo el 18 de Marzo, que está a punto de recibir el alta, recuperado, gracias a Dios; el Hermano fallecido; los dos casos positivos de ayer, los dos importados de Estados Unidos, que están siendo atendidos. Tenemos también, repetimos, las 14 Personas que, en seguimiento preventivo están siendo [email protected] y a punto también de ser dados de Alta, para pasar de ese Monitoreo y VigilanciaPreventiva Extrema ya a una situación siempre de vigilancia. Pero conscientes de que [email protected] 14 [email protected], que son contactos de los casos importados, o regresaron de Países con brotes fuertes, han estadobien, sin síntomas, y Dios Mediante sigan bien.

Gracias, Compañ[email protected]… Y Vamos Adelante ! Vamos Adelante ! Nuestro Abrazo, el Abrazo del Comandante Daniel, el Compromiso de [email protected] [email protected], de seguir brindando lo mejor de [email protected] [email protected] Todas nuestras Energías al Servicio de nuestro Pueblo en todo lo que nos demande, para que estas circunstancias que vive la Historia de la Humanidad, que vive el Mundo, sean, para nosotros, el Pueblo nicaragüense, de mayor aprendizaje cada día, sobre las Bondades de la Paz, de la Tranquilidad, de la Unidad, de la Fraternidad, de la Fé, la Familia y la Esperanza, de la Comunidad y del sentido de Comunidad, en nuestra Patria. En esta Patria de [email protected] !

Gracias, Compañ[email protected] És nuestro, és nuestro, con la Fuerza que nos da Dios, y con su Voluntad, el Porvenir ! Gracias.


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  • Que vieja más perversa e hipócrita ….!

  • Rosario Murillo is self-evidently a witch – note, I spell that with a w.

  • I think it was the UK that had a pop group named the ‘Raving Loonies’, but this lady obviously suffers from mental delusions and has an inability to address reality. Not much wonder that Nicaragua has deep troubles although receiving visits and encouragement from Nicholas Maduro and Miguel Diaz-Canel. That maybe says something about their mental condition! Birds of a feather flock together, in this case, the Cuckoos!
    Thank you for the article and translation of the speech! It opens ones eyes even further.

  • You are all delusional just like this murderer. The only reason why there are so “little cases” is because they’re hiding them and everyone knows it. They want to kill us all.

  • According to the world averages, given a population of 7 million, Nicaragua should have about 1,500 cases of covid19 and a death total of about 115. However, the government claims 14, all imported. Even assuming that because of its relative isolation and the heat the infection rate has been less, it is clear that the government must be hiding the true figures. And it maintains open borders and holds pro-government demonstrations.
    It is hard to understand why, and what benefit the government gets out of it.
    The virus has no respect for religion or politics – Sandinistas and clergy have the same chance of catching it as do Gringos, Spaniards, Mongolians, Africans, Hondurans, coffee growers, whoever. When the virus cuts through the barrios of Managua as it surely will in the next few months, Rosario will have some explaining to do.

  • Hay gente que no deberian fumar marihuana verde! Esta vieja es tan fea como lunatica…es practicamente un esperpento andante.

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