The Stench of Cigarettes

Carlos Fraguela

popularesHAVANA TIMES — There are body odors produced by hormonal processes which, like it or not, we must learn to tolerate in others. There are others, however, which are the result of personal choices (such as smoking or drinking alcohol) and are therefore more questionable.

I have three buddies at work who smoke all the time and always reek of tobacco. I sometimes wonder how their partners can kiss them or make love to them without feeling repulsed.

When I was younger, the smell of tobacco was very appealing to me. My father smoked and the smell reminded me of him, who was my god, the embodiment of virility and love.

After his death, however, the smell of tobacco, which had been a sweet-smelling perfume, became an unbearable stench. To make matters worse, I am asthmatic and smoke gives me bronchial spasms.

It isn’t hard to see how the bad breath caused by smoking or drinking can seriously affect our sex life.

Is there anything that makes us feel more complete than being successful in our love relationships? Why not work to make ourselves more desirable, instead of driving each other away with bad smells? Could it be we’re willing to sacrifice a sense of fullness for one or two bad habits?