Cuba and its People Photo Feature

by Bob Hills

The Girl
The Girl

HAVANA TIMES — As a photographer, I tend to take pictures of things that interest me. In my trips to Cuba I have taken pictures of the vintage cars, the crumbling architecture, the beautiful statuary in the cemeteries and of course country landscapes.

However, after reviewing all of the images taken, I decided the portraits of the Cuban people to be my favorites. I have found the Cuban people to be friendly, resourceful, proud to be Cuban and very helpful to an American who speaks no Spanish.

In the exhibit at the Fremont, California Art Association Gallery I exhibited twelve large images and twenty four smaller ones. The show was initially scheduled for two weeks but was held over for an additional two.

For the exhibit I chose large images of street scenes of Havana and Trinidad as well as one of a vintage car and one of Fidel and Che together. It seems as though a vintage car image and an image of Fidel and Che are a must in any photo presentation of Cuba. The accompanying images were of the Cuban people as I saw them; working, socializing, playing and relaxing. These were presented in a smaller format.

I mentioned in my artist statement for the exhibit that Cuba boasts a population of twelve million souls with a claimed 97% literacy rate and the government provides free education and health care.

All of the images were presented as they were shot with no photo enhancement with the exception of the priest and the black and white portrait. Every image has a story behind it and I am pleased to tell these stories to whoever views my work.

I am returning to Cuba at the end of March and the beginning of April to visit friends and take more pictures-can’t wait!

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2 thoughts on “Cuba and its People Photo Feature

  • Well Bob, you have some nice snaps here, but it is a shame that your subjects are – and sorry to be a bit blunt – all too familiar. Might have been harder to get a show of them outside of the US where anything Cuban feels like contraband. Sorry, but while I applaud your passion, I feel I have seen them all before. Isn’t it time to move on from the visual equivalent of the Buena Vista Social Club and use a fresh photographer’s eye when representing Cuba?

  • Well done. Your pictures capture the essence of Cuba and its wonderful people who, despite a great degree of materialistic hardship, carry their hearts with a pride and a joy that shines in their eyes.

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