Cuban Chugs – Escape to the USA

Cuban Chugs at Marquesas Keys
Cuban Chugs at Marquesas Keys

Photo Feature by Bill Klipp

HAVANA TIMES — Under the cloak of darkness along the northern coast of Cuba small groups of men, women and children climb into their makeshift homemade boat, called Cuban Chugs as friends and family wish them luck and shove them off to sea. Their journey will be dangerous and unpredictable as their crude vessel chugs along trying to make the 90 mile trip across the treacherous Florida Straits.

Cuban Chug
Cuban Chug

Their hope is first to survive and second to make land in Florida Keys, for if they are intercepted on the waters (“Wet Foot”) between the two countries they will be deported back to Cuba. But if they are lucky enough to make it ashore (“Dry Foot”) in the Keys the US Policy called “Wet Foot, Dry Foot” will provide them with asylum and qualify them for expedited legal permanent resident status and eventually US Citizenship. This treatment is unique to Cuban Refugees and not available to any other migrants.

The Chugs come in all shapes and sizes and are truly makeshift vessels using car engines, small diesel motors even lawnmower engines. Some are made from scrap wooden pallets wrapped with tarps, duct tape and injected with foam, others may be made from metal or may even utilize automobile bodies. They are a testament to Cuban ingenuity and creativity, but reflect great desperation as the journey comes with great risk to life.

Cuban Chugs on Marquesas Keys
Cuban Chugs on Marquesas Keys

They are primitive and crude at best and far from seaworthy. Stuffed between the desperate bodies are small bags or backpacks containing their only possessions, sacks of water bottles, small amounts of food, fuel and some spare parts. When they land they will be picked up by the US Coast Guard or US Customs and transported for processing and a new life in Miami. While the numbers are not readily available there are easily several thousand Cubans who have attempted this trip.

Traveling with little to no navigation skills the Chugs take wildly various journeys some landing on the tourist beaches of Key West while many others end up on one of the many uninhabited remote mangrove islands that dot the Florida Keys. When they are picked up by US Authorities they are required to leave all possessions behind, sometimes the Coast Guard burns the boats but in any case the result is piles of liter and garbage on these pristine remote islands.

My Cuban Chug photo gallery has images of all types of Chugs as well as some of the contents abandoned by these brave desperate travelers trying to escape what had to feel like a hopeless situation. Hopefully the US relations with Cuba will be normalized and its people treated like our other Caribbean neighbors until then it seems more and more Cuban migrants are heading out to sea.

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11 thoughts on “Cuban Chugs – Escape to the USA

  • February 5, 2015 at 4:37 am

    Durante el año fiscal 2014 se registró el mayor número de cubanos que arribaron o intentaron llegar a los Estados Unidos en la última década.

    Según consigna El Nuevo Herald, el total de ciudadanos de la isla que llegó al país del norte fue de 20.300. En esa cifra están incluidos aquellos que alcanzaron las costas de la Florida, quienes ingresaron a través de México (17.459), así como los que fueron interceptados

    Ese número de salidas es similar a la cantidad de visas que el Gobierno de los Estados Unidos otorgaanualmente a los cubanos en virtud de un acuerdo migratorio que se encuentra en vigor.

    If you can believe the Herald 20,300 Cubans arrived on the coast of Florida in 2014 and in 2007 18,200 entered the US the same way.
    Could you please provide numbers of illegal immigrants arriving in US thru Canada?

    My point is the US makes it easy for Cubans to enter the US on one hand and on the other says they are a bunch of terrorists. I realize the reason for this is to undermine the government of Cuba.

    I know someone who is Canadian who got a job working for the pro hockey and pro basketball teams in Atlanta Georgia in the marketing department but after one year her green card was revoked because the government said there should be someone in the US who could do the job so she had to leave. The US government treats illegal Cubans better than legal Canadians..And we’re not on your terrorist list, or are we?

  • February 4, 2015 at 1:30 am

    Very well said!

  • February 2, 2015 at 10:35 pm

    Excellent points from John Hopkins. Moses and other propagandists tout the Cuban Adjustment Act but fail to mention how that and a plethora of other U.S. laws favor Cubans at the expense of everyone else. The leaders of the 33 Caribbean and Latin American nations that met in Costa Rica last week cringe at that undemocratic favoritism, laws designed to hurt Cuba more than to help encourage Cubans to defect. NBC-TV recently profiled a 7-year-old girl that had reached the U. S. border miraculously after surviving a treacherous journey from Ecuador, including rides atop the infamous death train and managing not to get raped or killed. Mr. Potter, the NBC reporter, interviewed her and asked in Spanish where she was going. She didn’t know but the gorgeous little girl searched into her tiny plastic bag that contained her things. Then she looked up at Potter, embarrassed, and said, “Oh, I forgot.” She then reached into the back-pocket of her jeans and handed him a note. Her destination was to join her aunt in North Carolina. Potter explained that, because the child was not a Cuban who had touched U. S. soil, she was eligible to be deported, as many like her were being deported. Mr. Potter explained to his NBC audience, after asking others in the group about the little girl, that the mother had saved several thousand pay a coyote to get the girl to the U. S. because the mother believed the drug-and-poverty-fueled crime in her country would consume or kill the girl. But the child was eligible to be deported because she was not a Cuban. Any Cuban, questionable adult or not, is home free merely by touching U. S. soil. Every nation in the Caribbean and Latin America suffers from such discriminatory practices related only to Cubans. And no one, including Moses, can justify it or other aspects of the Cuban Adjustment Act, the Torricelli Bill, the Helms-Burton Act, etc. As a democracy loving American, I regret the image the U.S. Cuban policy continues to present to the world, especially to our neighbors in the Caribbean and Latin American. The fact that propagandists feel they do not have to address such undemocratic aspects is appalling. Laws that help and encourage Tony Montana-types and discriminate against innocents such as the 7-year-old girl from Ecuador leave a lot to be desired.

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