Fifth Avenue, Another Havana

Photo Feature by Elio Delgado Valdes

HAVANA TIMES – Large and luxurious houses, lush vegetation and a walkway in the middle are characteristic of Fifth Avenue, a major artery of the municipality of Playa in Havana.

It runs through the exclusive neighborhood of Miramar and was known in the beginning as Avenue of the Americas. Today many foreign embassies are located  on this wide avenue.

Some of the constructions that identify Fifth Avenue are the green tile roof house, of German Renaissance style; the watchtower which chimes every 15 minutes with a sound similar to the Big Ben in London; the “Glass of Carlos Miguel de Céspedes” sculptured in 1926; three Catholic churches with different arquitectures, and one of the last buildings erected was the Russian Embassy.

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3 thoughts on “Fifth Avenue, Another Havana

  • Trayvon Martin stalked George Zimmerman, punched him in the head knocking him to the ground, jumped on him and proceeded to bash his head into the sidewalk. It was at this point that Zimmerman shot Trayvon. So unless Moses was walking around Miramar punching people in the face, I don’t see the parallel.

  • Commenting on a photo feature again! Rust and propagandists never sleep it seems.

    Did it ever occur to you it might be because you looked Cuban, not because of your black face? You were in an “exclusive neighbourhood” where “many foreign embassies are located”.

    Living in the US you will know what real racial profiling is like. I find it hard to believe you actually felt discriminated against in Miramar.

    And I’m sure you encountered no trigger-happy vigilantes like the one that outrageously gunned down Trayvon Martin in Florida.

    His murderer is still walking around free by the way. It took 6 weeks before they even got around to charging him with a crime.

    And you are trying to tell us racism in Cuba is the same as in the US? When was the last time you were below the Mason-Dixon line ‘boy’? Yeah, that’s what you are still likely to get called down there though you probably look like someone’s grandather.

    Another thought just occurred. You don’t suppose Cuban authorities know what you have been writing in comments on HT do you? Well, in that case…

  • I have spent al lot of time in the Miramar neighborhood. At night, while going for walks in that community, I have been stopped countless times by policemen asking for my documents. You see, I look every bit as Afro-Cuban as any mullato in Cuba. Of course this is no different than what would happen in any upscale neighborhood in the US. The fact is that there is no difference. Racism in Cuba is alive and well and thrives under its socialist dictators as comfortably as racism exists under capitalism.

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