Provocative Painting by Adonis Ferro

Photo Feature by Irina Echarry

Expo of works by Adonis Ferro.

HAVANA TIMES, January 25 — The cobblestones of Mercaderes Street lead us directly to the “Casa de Mexico.”  Once there, the walls welcomed colors and a very particular style emanating from the hand of a young visual artist.

The exhibit by Adonis Ferro, which people will be able to enjoy up to February 20, 2011, features medium and over-sized paintings in which the forms trap the viewer.  Amorphous creatures peer out from the canvas, they interrogate, provoking the visitor to think.

“Profunda Sed” is the title of the exhibit that evidences this self-taught youth’s talent, restless in his search and with his work having been exhibited in a wide selection of the capital’s galleries in collective and individual exhibitions.

You need only come by the Casa de Mexico (in Old Havana at the corner of Obrapia and Mercaderes streets) to learn a little more and to find out if your imagination has limits.

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One thought on “Provocative Painting by Adonis Ferro

  • Very well-executed art. But if this isn’t yet one more series themed around human alienation in present-day society, I’ll eat my hat. Does art have to be about ‘alienation’ to be considered profound? I think not.

    Interesting to look at, in any case. Great artist. Find another theme.

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