Springtime in Santiago de Cuba


Photo Feature by Janis Hernández

HAVANA TIMES — While the seasons in Cuba aren’t as pronounced in the far northern or far southern countries, they do exist. While one can observe lots of varieties of birds and butterflies, nothing compares to the flowers with their happy colors and seductive fragrances.

Here in Santiago the most dramatic month of Spring is clearly May, with its rains and intense sun. Walking around the city I took these pictures of trees and gardens.

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2 thoughts on “Springtime in Santiago de Cuba

  • Flowers and plants are therapeutic and beautiful in any country. These are spectacular. Cuba has so much to offer it’s citizens and thanks for sharing.

  • When I think of Santiago de Cuba, two things top the list. One is the sound of motorbikes racing through the narrow streets and the second and significant for one who likes good food, is a variety of mango grown in the area which has superb flavour. There are I believe 26 varieties of mango grown in Cuba, but that one tops them all. We have a mongo tree overhanging our home which is not in Santiago, and during the season we hear “bumps” in the night as mangoes fall on the roof above our bedroom. It is a simple task to ascend to the roof in the morning to collect breakfast. Top of the list of places to visit is the house of Velequez – I think the oldest complete house in the Americas. The house is ‘kitty corner’ to the City Hall bacony from which Fidel declared on January 2, 1959: “I do not seek power”

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