The Colorful Fans at Guantanamo’s Baseball Stadium

Photo Feature by Lorenzo Crespo Silveira

HAVANA TIMES —There are certain regulars at the stands of Guantanamo’s Nguyen Van Troi Stadium that are hard to ignore during a baseball game. They have become well-known characters for the public thanks to the charisma and original initiatives they set in motion to cheer on the province’s team, the Indios Guerreros del Guaso. The 55th National Baseball Series now under way has not been an exception to this rule.

Using horns, flags and drawings, vociferating words of encouragement for their players and even dressing up as the team’s mascot, everything they do becomes a part of the game and is already a tradition throughout Cuba.

These folks from sporting get-togethers and other fans (including those cheering for the other team) turn every game into a spectacle people enjoy, seasoning the experience with extremely funny one-liners that one has to hear to believe. In the photos below, you will get to know these inventive comedians from the stands.

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