Beauty, Mysticism and Feminine Sensuality

Photo essay by Ernesto Gonzalez Diaz

HAVANA TIMES – Women have always inspired the best of art in all its manifestations. Beauty in diversity, mysticism and sensuality are mixed in these images. It is not the stereotyped beauty that commercial photography commonly sells us, that exemplary beauty that with perfectly defined codes tries to bring us closer to a pattern that is more artificial than natural.

The beauty that I try to show in these images is the beauty in the diversity of figures and forms of femininity, beauty that goes beyond the merely physical and explores and delves into the most human of our spirit. All this with simple and minimalist compositions far from kitch and fetish.

I cannot overlook the work of the women who modeled for these photos, sometimes overcoming prejudices and taboos that are still rooted in a society that continues to be sexist and patriarchal. Especially to that woman from Camagüey who, without appearing in these images, and even before I met her, already inspired me, gave me light and led me to seek the best and most beautiful of human nature.

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