Coastal Plants in Cuba

Photo Feature by Nike

HAVANA TIMES – I’ve lived near the sea ever since I was a little girl. In the summer, I like to swim, and in the winter, I like to enjoy the sea breeze… two different ways of enjoying the sea, but the purpose is the same: to fill yourself with life and dreams…

Today, I want to show you the plants and flowers on the coast, from the places I visit all year round. I hope you enjoy them and if you know the name of a plant, please tell me, as I know plants have different names in every country.

There is one plant that ever since I was a little girl and a sea urchin would sting me, my mother would go looking for it, crush it and smother it on where I’d been stung; the pain would immediately disappear. Now, when my children or a friend get stung by a sea urchin, I put some leaves on the affected area and the pain disappears. I also take a few for home in case it hurts again later. An interesting fact I wanted to share with you.

We have to look after and protect these plants as they are home to many coastal fauna such as lizards, butterflies, and a great variety of birds.

There is a little beach near where I normally go to swim which some men are taking care of and I applaud their efforts, but I’ve come to realize they cut down all of the vegetation. One day, I went up to them and told them that the vegetation is very important for the health of the coast and also for the small animals that live in it, for the ecosystem and soil.

They told me they cut it down so people don’t throw their garbage there. As a result, I don’t think the work of taking care of the beach “for kids”, like they say, is entirely being done. I don’t think they know very much or are misinformed.

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