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De Juventud Desgastada (Worn Out Youth)

Photo feature by Nike

HAVANA TIMES – That’s the title of the new expo at the gallery of Havana’s Pan American Village. Photography that addresses the theme of human pain caused by loneliness and lack of hope. That pain so difficult to hide in the surroundings of a city where its visible ruins are like a reflection of the helplessness and the despair of those who inhabit it.

That pain is trapped by a group of lens artists in four series of photographs that respond to the titles of “Faith”, “Worn Out Youth”, “Memories of Oblivion” and “Resilience”. The photographers are: Lisandra Alvarez, Chris Erland, Hansel Leyva and Maury Dc.

The exhibition is open until the middle of January at the Mariano Rodríguez gallery of the Pan-American Village in Cojimar, East Havana. I invite you to visit it.

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