Havana’s Oswaldo Guayasamin Museum (Photo Feature)

By Oswaldo Guayasamin

By Irina Pino

HAVANA TIMES – The Oswaldo Guayasamin Museum stands at 111 Obra Pia Street, between Oficios and Mercaderes Streets, and was open to the public in 1999, with the cooperation of the Ecuadorian artist and Havana City Historian’s Office.

It’s a beautiful colonial house from the 18th century, that used to belong to Gertrudis Alberro Peñalver’s family. It has passed through the hands of different owners over the years and has been renovated and suffered structural changes to its walls and roof.

Like all of these old buildings, it has a large interior yard, where plants and sculptures made by Guayasamin transmit a sense of peace.

Some of his paintings have been placed on the walls, under the arches. Meanwhile, a vast collection of his paintings is exhibited on the top floor.

You can visit a room and bathroom with his belongings, and the dining room where he used to eat with government leaders when he was in the country.

Oswaldo Guayasamin, a painter and sculptor, graphic artist and muralist, was awarded many national and international prizes, and his work has been exhibited in the world’s most important galleries.

From an indigenous and humble background, his art has the power to invite viewers’ contemplation, depicting the pain of the poor, social injustice, and the kindness of human nature.

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  • I lived my childhood in Cuba and never went to this Havana Museum. I’m very glad to see this photo feature.

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