Havana’s Santa Catalina Ave. & Environs in Mid-Summer

Photo Feature by Ernesto Gonzalez Diaz

HAVANA TIMES – Santa Catalina avenue divides the neighborhoods of La Víbora (to the south) and Santos Suárez (to the north). It is basically a residential avenue, since there are not many shops, recreation, leisure, or industrial centers. Throughout the avenue you can see large houses and mansions from the early 20th century and other buildings, almost all of them built before the revolutionary (1959) period.

One of the most striking elements of this capital artery is the magnificent tree cover it has. In these summer months, passers-by are infinitely grateful for the shade they offer. Besides providing shade and oxygen, in the spring-summer period, these trees bloom and give the landscape a beautiful appearance.

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  • Trees in the city don’t provide any oxygen you are welcome

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