The May Rains were Back in Guantanamo, Cuba

By Reynaldo La O

HAVANA TIMES – Historically, May registers frequent rains in Cuba. But in recent years that changed, at least in this eastern region, with extremely dry periods reported, which is lethal for all types of activity.

Apparently, life, at least as far as rain goes, returned to take its course in 2021. Luckily for the people of Guantanamo, the downpours have been frequent.  

Anyone wandering the streets without an umbrella could be surprised by a torrential storm. That was my case, last Thursday afternoon. A shower caught me by surprise, and to not look like a “wet chicken”, I ran fast to the closest corridor!

Lucky I always carry my little camera in my pocket and without thinking twice, from a portal, I caught that beautiful rainy afternoon.

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One thought on “The May Rains were Back in Guantanamo, Cuba

  • Those plentiful and much needed rains will do wonders for those delicious sweet, ripe, plentiful mangos which makes the island notorious for this sustenance seasonal fruit.

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