Morning Fog, Nova Scotia, Canada – Photo of the Day

Morning Fog, Nova Scotia, Canada. By: Catherine Deblois (Canada). Camera: iPod

HAVANA TIMES – Some photos make us laugh, feel emotions, remember a trip, or a special moment with friends. Others show that the person who took them has taken photography seriously. Photos of animals, architecture, people. Conceptual, abstract photos.

There may be those who have never left their city or hometown, but they also have images of those small details they want to share with the rest of Havana Times’ readers.

Whether you’re in Beijing, São Paulo, Costa Rica, or New York, it doesn’t matter where you took your photos—show them and prove that we all have a photographer inside us.

Just send it to [email protected] with the following information:

  • Title of your photo
  • Your name and the city where you live
  • The type of the camera or cell phone you used to take the photo
  • The city and country where you took your photo

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One thought on “Morning Fog, Nova Scotia, Canada – Photo of the Day

  • That fog looks like a marvel. Just seeing the shape the fog takes because of the wind that can’t get through the trees makes me want to run into the forest and get lost in the fog.

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