Cuba’s Beautiful (and Nearly Invisible) Sea Life

My aim with this post is to draw people’s attention to the many small, beautiful invertebrate animals one is often surrounded by while swimming at a beach or nearly any of Cuba’s coasts. Many of us are unaware of the overwhelming diversity of sea life. (13 photos)

Rock in Cuba, Rock for Humanity

Though I didn’t listen to much rock music in my teens, I never once said I didn’t like it. I knew it was a question of taste and the fact I wasn’t yet prepared for that kind of music, that I hadn’t discovered the genre yet.

Back to Work in Havana

I am part of a small team of building restorers. Luckily, we are able to choose what work we do, something which isn’t common. Our boss – a friend of mine – deals with all of the red tape I would be unable to stomach, being the impatient person I am. (7 photos)