Alan Gross Faces Death in Cuba if Obama Doesn’t Change Approach, says wife

The wife of USAID subcontractor Alan Gross, imprisoned in Cuba, held a rally outside the White House after delivering a letter to the President from her husband. She called on Obama to do “whatever it takes” to secure Alan’s release. Mrs. Gross rejected the State Department statement yesterday calling on the Cuban Government to “release Alan Gross immediately and unconditionally” saying that this tact has gotten them nowhere for the past four years and if the U.S. government does not drop the, “unconditionally, this will be a death sentence for Alan… Please Mr. President don’t leave Alan to die in Cuba.”

What does a Soft Landing in Cuba look like?

Last week economist Richard Feinberg presented his latest monograph “Soft Landing in Cuba? Emerging Entrepreneurs and Middle Classes” published by the Brookings Institution, a think-tank in Washington, D.C. In a nutshell, Feinberg recommends that the U.S. abandon regime-change fantasies and instead take a suite of measures to support, encourage, influence and participate in building a prosperous and powerful non-state sector in Cuba.

Finally, Cuba Is Harboring a Terrorist!

It seems unlikely that the announcement of her transformation from criminal to terrorist coincidently occurred the day after the State Department was supposed to release its annual report “justifying” the continued inclusion of Cuba on its list of countries that “provide critical support to non-state terrorist groups and repeatedly provides support for acts of international terrorism.”