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Private Gyms Still Trending in Cuba

The private gym boom in Cuba began in 2010, like many other small businesses did. Even though it seemed to be a fleeting trend, “something that would soon pass” according to some people’s predictions, almost a decade later, these spontaneous initiatives have shown the impact that they have had on society.

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Cuban Artists Request a Public Debate over Decree 349

Even though Decree 349 was ushered in like many things are in the Official Gazette, it has created intense debates in different spaces for being a document that seeks to regulate the country’s cultural policy in an explicit way. Since November 20th 2018, a group of artists and creators have been sending a dossier around which summarizes their actions to hold a public debate about the new law and the messages that have been sent to the country’s main authorities.

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Five Reasons to Oppose Same-Sex Marriage in Cuba

The inclusion of Article 68 in Cuba’s new draft Constitution seems to be the only thing people are talking about during the popular consultation process. The chance to recognize marriage as the union between two people, regardless of their gender, has led to the most repetitive speeches at every assembly (if we go by what official media reports anyway).

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