Esther Zoza

The Price of Simple Dreams in Cuba

Havana’s residents are suffering high temperatures. There aren’t enough portals in the capital. People going about their daily business find themselves jumping from one sidewalk to the next trying to find shelter from the sun.

Religious Cults on Show in Havana’s Obrapia Street

This exhibition’s central theme is popular cults in Africa and Cuba, cults with a long-standing tradition and validity in both peoples. Religious images, small allegorical sculptures, idols, ancient tools, crowned by a beautiful wall hanging, created by the unequalled painter Mendives, belonging to the museum’s own collection.

Havana Amid Shrieks, Uneasiness and Hoarding

Running into crowds at stores and markets is becoming common in Cuba’s capital city. Desperate people hoard: eggs/ rice/ soap/ detergent/ toothpaste and some products that might seem absurd at a glance. It’s worth remembering that these people are my people…