Angela Davis: “Leadership isn’t Inextricably Male”

At 74 years old, Angela Davis is the living and breathing example of the reinvention of feminism. Black and Marxist. A philosopher and professor in Donald Trump’s USA. She recently visited Costa Rica and this Cuban university student reports on what she had to say.

Cuba Travels with Me Wherever I Go

Amir Valle is a writer, but sometimes he seems like a professor. When he speaks, he explains everything. A young person learns things. We bring you part two of our interview with him.

Cuban Author Amir Valle: I’ve Always Hated Anything Sectarian

He was born in a town near the Antonio Maceo sugar mill in Guantanamo in 1967. The mill was modern. His town, two km away, wasn’t. Everything was made of wood, everything was empty. In Amir Valle’s home, poor people eat. His best friends eat. A black family. Seven brothers, he tells me, who still used to live in barracks in the 1970s. “The baby that was born into a house was everyone’s baby and, a death in the family was a death that everyone would mourn,” he recalls.

The Current Cuban Context Is One of Suspense

Latin America is green, tumultuous and varied. Within Latin America, is Cuba which is extremely different but also green, tumultuous and varied. When the region has suffered so much because of events that have been born from the Left, trusting its current ideologies can be hard for Latin American people today.