Dance Rituals of the Yoruba Religion

A very popular Cuban song from the 90s speaks about the culture that slaves brought to Cuba from Africa, telling us these traditions came from Africa and stayed with us thereafter. Today, the culture and rites of the Yoruba religion are indeed an essential part of Cuban folklore. (20 photos)

San Lazaro Day 2013 in Cuba

One of the most important days on the Cuban religous calendar is San Lazaro Day which brings miracle seekers to the El Rincon sanctuary on the outskirts of the capital every December 17th. Believers make good on their promises to the saint with the power to heal the sick and make dreams come true. (43 photos)

Cuba Crafts Expo/Sale in Pictures

Many readers have shown considerable interest in seeing what is being offered at the FIART artisans fair taking place at the fort across from Havana Bay through December 22. This is another attempt to show some of the work on display and the atmosphere at the popular event. (45 photos)

The Havana City Zoo Keeps Trying

The 26th Avenue Zoo in Havana makes what appears a last ditch effort to attract some public. For over 8 years I have been visiting it consistently and very little has changed despite efforts to keep it up. (30 photos)