Miguel Arias Sanchez

Apululu, a Hopeless Alcoholic

It’s hard for rum to be missing in Cuba. Even in times of severe crisis, the only things you can easily find at state-run establishments are rum and cigarettes. Private businesses also find a way to always have alcoholic drinks on their menus.

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Divers in Cuba and their Health

Anybody who hears the word “diver” has an image of a man dressed in a wet suit, a mask on his face and an oxygen tank pop into their back, a person who fishes or investigates the depths of the world’s seas. However, there is a new kind of diver in Cuba…

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Indifference and Not Enough Inspections

Two days ago, I took the A-7 bus heading towards Guanabacoa. When I got on, I realized that the 50-something year old bus driver had a very beautiful young girl next to him inside his protection booth, the conversation seemed to be quite pleasant as they were both bursting into laughter.

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