Miguel Arias Sanchez

Some Music and Garbage Belong in the Same Bag

I don’t have anything against music, on the contrary, ever since I was little I used to sit and listen to music on the radio, especially romantic ballads. I used to dream away while listening and that made me feel better and happy. My father was a violin player and I was very much in touch with the music scene at home.

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Cuba Suffers a Loss of Values

The result of multiple causes, many values have been lost in our society which infringe upon our unity and progress, especially when money is involved. There are many anecdotes that exemplify this within families, friends or even work colleagues.

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A Cuban either Mistaken or Abandoned

This is a short story about an ordinary Cuban. I was born into a humble family, the only wealth I had was my job. Catholic since I was a child, I was raised with the teachings of family union, love for God and thy neighbor. I was taught the importance of simplicity, honesty and integrity.

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