Militancy, Militant, Military in the Context of Nicaragua

Militancy is the attitude, the activity and the ideology which determines the presence of a citizen in a political party, union or church in a conscious and willing way, always after the materialization of an objective, be it political, economic, social or religious. 

Nicaragua: Cruelty at the Drop of a Hat

Any definition of the substantive cruelty that you know, will lead you inevitably to think about the behavior and feelings of the dictatorial couple Ortega-Murillo, and to imagine how, during the last bloody seven months, they have enjoyed ordering the repression first, and contemplate the suffering of others afterwards.

What a Contradictory Humanity!

Among the US allies who voted in the UN against the blockade, are the 21 countries that in the OAS condemned the Ortega dictatorship and supported our people. The votes in favor of Cuba, was because the blockade violates international law and the votes against the Ortega dictatorship because it violates the human rights of the Nicaraguan people.

Nicaragua Urgently Needs a Collaborative Agreement

There have been a number of observations aired on the independent television channels here regarding the role of the student delegates and the bishops who are the mediators and guarantors of the currently stagnated national dialogue.